Scout Sightings: West Virginia vs. UConn

A battle in the Big East last Friday night brought out scouts from three different teams. Both the Giants and the Jets sent scouts as well as the Indianapolis Colts. Here's a list of the players they were watching.

West Virginia vs. UConn 10/20:


With needs at the linebacker position both the Colts and Giants were on hand to scout Kevin McLee of West Virginia.  A perfect fit in a one-gap system, those on hand told us the Colts have shown interest in the Mountaineer defender since early in the year. The Giants, who need players on the weak side, have had McLee rated high.  Off to a fast start this season, just about all on hand expect McLee to get an invite to the Senior Bowl.

Indianapolis also showed interest in WVU's versatile offensive lineman Dan Mozes.  Undersized yet explosive like many of the linemen previously drafted by the franachise, Mozes was an All Conference guard before moving to center this season.  A likely late round choice, he would be an effective utility blocker for the team.

The scout from the Jets on hand watched a pair of players from UConn.  

With a big need at nose tackle their interest was lineman Ray Blagman.  Well built for the position at 6-feet-2-inches and 320-pounds, Blagman quickly stuffs the middle of the line yet shows little in the way of getting off blocks and even less ability rushing the passer.  The other player the team cued in on was fullback Deon Anderson.  An athletic lead blocker, Anderson showed a variety of skills yet does not stand out in any single aspect of the game.

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