Fantasy Mailbox - Week 9

Welcome to the week 9 edition of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the season progresses, we will continue to select a few emails to answer in our weekly mailbox column. To be considered for future columns, please send your fantasy football questions to and be sure to include your first name, last initial, city & state.

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Q : I have been offered Kevin Jones or Chester Taylor for a TE. Which RB would you rather have? My TEs are L.J. Smith and Desmond Clark. I was going to trade Clark, but after his explosion against SF should I trade L.J. Smith instead?


Adam F. - Winchester, VA

Hi Adam. You jump all over this deal! Of the two RBs, I like Kevin Jones a bit better. Jones has at least one TD in 4 of his last 5 games (5 total) and is starting to thrive in Mike Martz' offense. Taylor has similar yardage numbers, but only 2 TDs and may not have the success of Jones down the stretch.

As for which TE you send packing, I think it's L.J. Smith. Clark will get plenty more opportunities down the stretch and has a much softer schedule than Philly. The Bears will score more points than the Eagles and Clark will certainly be an integral part of the red zone offense. If the owner insists he gets Clark for his RB...then still make the trade.


Q : Hi Freak. Thanks largely to your advice, I've gone with Joseph Addai over Dominic Rhodes in Indy (and it's paid off). Now I see that Addai is on the injury report and listed as questionable with a banged up wrist. What's up with that? I really don't have many alternatives other than the waiver wire - which is pretty thin.

Raymond L. - Berkeley, CA

Addai will be fine and play Sunday night. Coach Tony Dungy is playing the same game that Bill Belichick plays on a weekly basis. As with Minnesota last week, other coaches are starting to mock Belichick with numerous potentially phantom injuries. Addai may not have a stellar game against New England's defense, but he will play and come through with a few fantasy points for his owners.


Q : Hey Freak! I have a trade question for you. I picked up Wali Lundy last week off of waivers and now another owner is offering me Larry Fitzgerald. I'm a little concerned about Fitzgerald and not sure if I make the deal.

Thanks Freak! I enjoy reading your columns!

Jan V. - Toronto, CAN

Definitely, do the deal. Wali Lundy will lose goalline carries to Ron Dayne (who is planning on being ready for the game this weekend) and not a number 1 RB option regardless of Dayne's threat.

As for Fitzgerald, he plans on playing in week 10 (with positive news on his latest MRI) and should be good to go. He is a steal for Lundy and should help AZ and his fantasy owners put up some solid points the last 7 weeks of the season.


Q : Maybe you can help me here. I have the same problem (now that you brought it to my attention) as another guy that you answered in last weeks Mailbox column. I have Peyton Manning and am now worried since you think he may be benched in week 17 (or even 16) depending on what the Colts do. I will definitely make the playoffs since I have been riding Manning and LaDainian Tomlinson all year.

Here is what I'm thinking now...I trade Manning. I know I can get Chad Johnson AND either Matt Hasselbeck or Larry Fitzgerald for Manning. Do I do it? I'm trying to look ahead. I just hate to lose Manning and need to make a decision by this weekend since our trade deadline is on Tuesday the 7th. Thanks for your help Freak, but I can't believe you're talking me into thinking about trading Manning.

Sam J. - Carmi, IL

I think you do it. Here's the're going to make the playoffs regardless (based upon what you told me). Chad Johnson and Hasselbeck -or- Fitzgerald are ALL great number 1 fantasy players and will be incredible on a fantasy playoff roster. Sure, Manning is a one-of-a-kind quarterback...but he is a risk in the playoffs (esp. week 17). Chad Johnson and H-beck/Fitz are pretty much sure things in your fantasy playoffs and are top 5 at their positions. Do the deal and don't look back!


Q : Freak! Thanks for your advice. You've definitely helped my season and I enjoy your stuff. Got a starter question for you this week. Do I go with Cedric Benson in my flex postion or do I go with Brandon Jacobs? I know I'm scraping the gutter with this question, but I believe fantasy football comes down to the small details. Anyone can advise to play Larry Johnson or LaDainian Tomlinson...right?!

Aaron R. - Oakbrook, IL

Play Cedric Benson. The Bears are starting to give Benson a third of the touches in the running game and will continue through the last half of the season to keep he and Thomas Jones healthy and ready for the playoffs. I would much rather have Benson (who will get 12-15 touches) over Jacobs (who may only see the ball within the 2 yardline).


Q : Hi. We have a rule in our league where we have to drop down our roster to 13 players by week 10. I have two wide receiving cuts to make and have to choose between Bryant Johnson, Marty Booker, Muhsin Muhammad, and Chris Henry. Which two should I drop?

Keith B. - Portland, MA

Hi Keith. I think you hold on to Muhsin Muhammad and Chris Henry down the stretch. Let Johnson and Booker go.

Dropping down to 13 by week 10 is an interesting twist. My guess is that it really beefs up the waiver wire down the stretch and makes waiver pickups pretty exciting!

Q : Hey Freak. I'm a transplanted Broncos fan and had to watch Peyton Manning rip through the Broncos defense at will. In addition to watching my team lose, I have the Broncos as my defense in fantasy football. Are the Colts just that good or is the secret now out on how to beat Denver? I've been getting 10 fantasy points per week from this D and am now worried. What other D/STs should I grab as insurance? Thanks Freak!

Nick C. - Paradise, IN

Hey Nick! Sorry about your Broncos, but seeing that you now live in Indiana - you likely weren't terribly surprised by Manning's poise. As you probably realize, Denver had only allowed 44 points all season prior to Indy's arrival. Even Colts fans were surprised at Indy's ability to take the wood to Denver's D with 34 points.

Chalk this game up to a loss and let it go. Denver will continue to hold teams to 10 points or less through the rest of the season until they play Indy or New England in the playoffs (long after your fantasy season is over).

Thanks Nick! Paradise sounds like a great place!


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