Fantasy Studs and Starts - Week 9

Week 9 of the 2006 NFL fantasy season is here and it's time to set those fantasy line-ups. will be here each week to provide advice on "Who to start?" and "Who to bench?" in our weekly Fantasy Studs and Starts column.

Peyton Manning - Peyton needs to start paying taxes in STUD zone...
he'll need A-game for 2nd straight week against Pats on the road.
Michael Vick - Add another 4 TDs this week to the MVP candidate.
Rex Grossman - The Bears are taking the wood to everyone they play,
and Grossman is throwing it like Steve Spurrier is still his coach.
Eli Manning - Eli gets Houston at home...he and Vick are the rock 
solid QB picks of the week.

Philip Rivers - Rivers gets it going with Cleveland in town.
Marc Bulger - Bulger will put it up 35 times against the KC D.
Jake Plummer - Actually looked okay last week...start him with 
caution if you have few other options.
Drew Brees - Sees the field like the best of them...will be decent
in Tampa Bay.
Tony Romo - Kid looked like a seasoned veteran last week.
Tom Brady - Poised in big games...was nearly perfect on MNF.
Brad Johnson - Rebounds against SF's horrible D.
Jon Kitna - Better each week - bye week rest should help.
J.P. Losman - Let's see if the kid can capitalize on this matchup 
after a bye week.
Seneca Wallace - Call me crazy, but he wasn't bad last week and may
fun to watch against Raiders at home on MNF!
Damon Huard - Doing okay and playing a weak Rams D.
Carson Palmer - Still waiting until this caterpillar turns back 
into a butterfly...Baltimore won't help.
David Garrard - He's starting over Leftwich and has a nice matchup.
Brett Favre - Who knows with Brett...but he does like to throw it.

Ben Roethlisberger - Time to bench Big Ben...esp. against Denver.
Vince Young - Just can't do it...he needs more time.
Byron Leftwich - He's out...injured and out of favor.
David Carr - He's struggling of late...give him some time off for 
bad behaviour.
Joey Harrington - He'll be mauled by Bears.
Mark Brunell - Should be riding the pine...sorry Mark.
Matt Hasselbeck - Still out.
Alex Smith - Surely you have someone else you can play.
Andrew Walter - Why didn't the Raiders draft a QB in round 1?
Charlie Frye - Better with new offensive twist, but still not worth 
a fantasy start.

Running Backs
LaDainian Tomlinson - Another multiple TD game for LT2 against 
Browns...he'll have just absolutely silly stats.
Larry Johnson - Forrest Gump won't be slowing anytime soon -
after he put's up a couple hundred on Rams, he may just run 
home on I70.
Warrick Dunn - Great matchup against Lions!
Laurence Maroney - Rookie STUD may go off against INDY on SNF.
Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson - I like them both again this week.

Joseph Addai - Pats will limit Addai's production, but still worth
a start on SNF.
Travis Henry - Getting the touches, but nothing great this week.
Rudi Johnson - Rudi won't do alot against Ravens D, but still worth 
a start.
Kevin Jones - Looking good in this offense despite only 1 W.
Willis McGahee - TD production is horrible...gets a better shot 
with the Pack in town.
Steven Jackson - Better game this week with Chiefs in town.
Clinton Portis - Has a chance to do something against Boys.
Jamal Lewis - Questionable start I know, but come on...he's running
against the Bengals.
Maurice Jones-Drew - I like him alot against Titans D.
Frank Gore - Minnesota is rated #2 against run, but Gore is under-
rated...I think you still play him at home if on your roster.
Cadillac Williams - Could have a nice game against Saints.
Deuce McAllister - He has less of a Reggie Bush threat and gets it
done against the Bucs.
Tiki Barber - BIG yards as usual, but not a STUD until he finds the 
endzone - and that hasn't happened yet this season.
Julius Jones - Julius will do well against Skins.

Willie Parker - Denver shuts him down.
Ronnie Brown - Bye week rest won't help him against Bears.
Tatum Bell/Mike Bell - STUD RBs have too much of a risky situation
to start either against Pittsburgh...if you can figure who will get
the touches prior to gametime, then worth starting.
Reuben Droughns - Just not doing it.
Wali Lundy - I just don't like the situation in Houston...Ron Dayne
will steal Lundy's goalline touches.
LaMont Jordan - A disaster for owners who wasted an early pick on 

Darrell Jackson - All he does is catch the ball and score...nice 
MNF matchup for Darrell.
Plaxico Burress - Burress is a human highlight film and gets the 
Texans at home this week.
Terrell Owens - Hate him if you want, but Owens is a STUD.
Roy Williams - ROY may be the most talented WR in the league and 
now has an offensive coordinator to showcase it.
Bernard Berrian/Muhsin Muhammad - Start these guys until the Bears
quit dominating...which may not be soon with their schedule.

Torry Holt - Holt will be Bulger's go-to guy all day against KC.
Andre Johnson - Andre's leading the league in receptions and 
yardage...he's the man regardless of the opponent or the score.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Tough matchup for T.J. against Baltimore.
Chad Johnson - Still has his mohawk, but could shave it on Monday
if shut down this week by Ravens...he's probably not betting it.
Javon Walker - Plummer is looking better and Walker is the man.
Lee Evans - Has a chance to produce big, but Al Harris has a way of 
shutting down opponent's top WR.
Marvin Harrison - He'll be a huge factor this week in New England.
Alge Crumpler - Vick's favorite target and leading all TE's with 5 
Santana Moss - May do okay, but nothing spectacular.
Reggie Wayne - Did I tell you in preseason that Reggie would be the 
1A WR for the Colts?...sure did.
Randy Moss - Moss is too good not to start and loves Monday Night 
Todd Heap - He looks like he's playing and McNair loves him.
Braylon Edwards - Maybe with a new coordinator he'll do okay.
Hines Ward - Ward seems to be Pittsburgh's only option lately.
Donald Driver - Farve will keep winging it and Driver will keep 
catching it.
Antonio Gates - Plan for a huge game for Gates against Rams.

SF Wide Receivers - Antonio Bryant is okay, but still shouldn't be 
on your roster.
Drew Bennett - Great underrated WR, but not with Vince Young at the 
Chris Chambers - I hope he had plenty of rest last week,...he's 
going to need it against this D.

BYE WEEK 9 - Cardinals, Eagles, Jets, Panthers

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