Fantasy Mailbox - Week 15

Welcome to the Week 15 PLAYOFF EDITION of the Fantasy Mailbox! As the fantasy playoffs continue into their 2nd week (most leagues), we answer a few questions to give fantasy owners an edge.

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Q : Freak! Although I've been very fortunate to make it this far, I'm starting to run into some really bad luck at running back. I started the season with Ronnie Brown, Kevin Jones, and Chester Taylor...and I think you know what's happened lately. Thank God for Drew Brees or I'd be sunk. Here's my question, will Ronnie Brown be back for any of the next 3 weeks? We have our Superbowl in week 17. Also, I saw where you mentioned Ron Dayne...what do you think of him this week? I pretty much have to play him. Thanks!

Tim W. - Portland, OR

Wow...that's some tough luck. Fortunately, Brees was a nice draft for you and probably single-handedly won week 14 for you despite your RB woes.

At RB, I like Dayne this week and think you'll do well there (and as you said, you don't have much of a choice). As for Brown, he's starting to work a bit with a smallish cast. He isn't likely to play in week 15, but could be back in weeks 16 and 17 (with a great matchup in Indy on New Year's Eve - your fantasy Superbowl).


Q : Hey Freak. I'm done thanks to Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson, Reggie Bush, and Donald Driver going off in week 14. Anyway, what do you think of Daunte Culpepper as a keeper? Do you think he'll start in 2007? In our league, we can keep as many as we want up to a total roster of 15...the kicker here is that keepers must be designated by the day after the Superbowl and it's not wise to take too many chances. Thanks Freak - I really have enjoyed your stuff this season.

Randall M. - Boston, MA

Hi Randall. Culpepper is worth keeping. In fact, Miami coach Nick Saban believes that Culpepper will be his starting QB in 2007...which will be the first time he's been healthy since his years in Minnesota. Once he returns to form, you'll have a strong QB without having to utilize a high draft pick (Cpepp will be highly desirable if a strong preseason in '07).


Q : Hi. I was impressed with the Arizona Cardinals offense against Seattle last week. I start Matt Leinart or do I leave Tom Brady as my QB? I do have Larry Fitzgerald - I picked him up cheap when he was injured per your advice (and it turned out to be a great trade for me)!

Rick P. - Houston, TX

Arizona is hosting Denver and New England has Houston at home this week. Stick with Brady until Leinart gets a better matchup.


Q : Freak. Steven Jackson or Brian Westbrook this week? Thanks.

Barry A. - Tulsa, OK

Steven Jackson will destroy Oakland and should be started by anyone who owns him. Westbrook will do well against the Giants, but should be benched in favor of Jackson this week given Jackson's very favorable matchup.


Q : Fantasy Freak. I need to choose between these 4 for my flex postion: Drew Bennett, Joseph Addai, Dante Stallworth, and Wali Lundy. We get 1 point per catch which is why I'm even considering a WR. Thanks for your help.

Donna H. - Joliet, IL

I think you have to go with Addai here against Cincy at home on MNF. Addai's pass catching ability will also help with your scoring format.

Q : Freak - Our weather forcast here in Seattle is looking bad for the TNF game. I have both Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander, but am thinking about benching Hasselbeck for Tony Romo due to the extremely high winds predicted. Is this a good idea or am I just paranoid since I'm in the playoffs for the first time ever?

Darren M. - Seattle, WA

Hi Darren. I checked today and it sure appears that it will be a bit gusty out there to say the least. Regardless, I don't think you bench Hasselbeck for Romo (who's at Atlanta). Hasselbeck is facing the Niners at home...who have given up the most points of any NFL team this season. You are actually sitting in good shape with both Alexander and Hasselbeck against SF.


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