Jack Del Rio on Sirius NFL Radio

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was on Sirius NFL Radio this week and talked about his team's highly unusual loss to Tennessee before switching his focus to this weekend's huge matchup against New England.

It was not your typical NFL game.

The Tennessee Titans offense was held to 98 yards by Jacksonville last weekend, but the Titans defense scored three times off of turnovers to log an unlikely 24-21 victory.

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio talked about it this week on Sirius NFL Radio.

"I watched a lot of good football, and then there were a couple plays that are difficult to describe," he said. "I'd say the culmination of it, the word fluke comes to mind when something like that happens. I mean, it's just a rarity."

But Del Rio didn't dismiss the Titans' efforts by any means.

"We had some crucial turnovers that they took back, so that's a credit to them," he said.  "They hung in there and made some plays and they got the win."

This week, Del Rio and the Jaguars will host the New England Patriots, who are trying to wrap up the AFC East with a win. Jacksonville is in the thick of the wildcard race, tied with three other clubs at 8-6. Del Rio talked about getting his team to look ahead, not backwards this week.

"It's one of those games as a coach, you come in and say 'we've got to take it like men and move on' -- and that's what we've done," he said. "Of course it's easy to move on when you've got a great team coming in like the New England Patriots. They're getting our full attention right now."

And rightfully so. The Patriots are coming off a 40-7 pasting of the Texans and have won four of their last five games.

"This (New England) is a good football team that's coming in here, they're not accustomed to doing anything but winning this time of year. So it's going to be a good matchup," Del Rio said.

Click the link below to listen to the entire 7-minute interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio:

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