John Fox on Sirius NFL Radio

Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox was a guest on NFL Sirius Radio this week and talked frankly about his team's challenges, his quarterback and facing the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.

The Carolina Panthers are doubtful that quarterback Jake Delhomme will be able to play against division rival Atlanta on Sunday, but that's where the doubt regarding the quarterback ends.

Rumors started cropping up in the media recently that Delhomme could be finished in Carolina, but the Panther's head coach, John Fox, dismissed that notion during his interview this week on Sirius NFL Radio.

"I don't know where that starts, because that's not the feeling in this building, and really, as I've told Jake, that's all that matters," he said.  "... Jake would be our quarterback right now if he was healthy, and he'll definitely be our quarterback next season."

The Panthers will be facing one of the league's most versatile quarterbacks this weekend in Michael Vick, and Fox took a good look at the film of the Atlanta offense this week to get his team ready for them.

"Michael's throwing the ball very well, they've got talented guys in the receiver positions, including the tight end," he said. "I think they should get (RB Jerious) Norwood back probably. They've got a great rush offense, so they're scoring points and moving the ball offensively."

But Fox also notes in his interview that a big concern is the inconsistent play of his special teams, would could be a huge problem against the Falcons.

"We need to get it fixed quick against Atlanta, because they do an outstanding job in the return games," he said.

Listen to the complete 6-minute interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, that includes injury updates, Fox's assessment of his team's effort level and more...

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