D.J. Hackett on Sirius NFL Radio

Seahawks wide receiver D.J. Hackett was a guest on the "End Zone" on Sirius NFL Radio on Saturday night. Find out what he had to say about Sunday's matchup with the Chargers, the increase in sacks allowed by Seattle and much more!

On Sunday, there's more on the line for the Seattle Seahawks than winning the NFC West crown by defeating the San Diego Chargers. After losing two consecutive games, the Seahawks simply need this victory to get back on track.

"We've been struggling with consistency, and if we can get things together and pull out a win here, that would do great things for our confidence," Seahawks wide receiver D.J. Hackett told Sirius NFL Radio during a Saturday night guest appearance.

The second-year receiver also talked about making the most of his opportunities this season, since he started the year lower on the depth chart. And he also answered questions about the team's heavy use of the three- and four-wide receiver package.

"We're definitely a lot deeper than most teams at receiver, so I think that's why we can do it," he said.

With the Chargers defense boasting a pair of formidable outside linebackers in Shawne Merriman and Shawn Phillips, Hackett also explained how the frequent use of those sets can be an advantage for Seattle.

"When you spread them out, they've got to respect that," he said. "They just can't come up tight to the line of scrimmage or else you're leaving a guy uncovered. That'll definitely put them in space. And also, it'll tip off if they're blitzing or not if they're not on the receiver."

You can listen to the entire 6-minute interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, and find out why teammate Deion Branch earlier this week referred to Hackett as the "Silent Assassin". And listen to Hackett explain why the solution to the increase in sacks allowed this season by Seattle might not be as simple as some think.

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