Santonio Holmes on Sirius NFL Radio

Steelers rookie wide receiver Santonio Holmes has been making significant strides the past few weeks. He was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio on the evening before the Steelers big rematch with the Ravens.

After dialing in for his guest appearance on Sirius NFL Radio, Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes was asked about if it's always been his style to aggressively snatch the ball out of the air rather than waiting for it to come to him.

"Yes, because it gives the defensive back the opportunity to knock the ball down when you're waiting for the ball to come up and hit you in the chest," he explained. "And when you can snatch the ball out of the air, you've got better opportunities to make plays after the catch." And during the interview, Holmes was gracious in sharing credit for his progress this season with some of the team's veterans. He also noted that it didn't take long to learn from his teammates that they weren't particularly fond of the Ravens. The Steelers recent loss to Baltimore by a lopsided count of 27-0 certainly didn't help matters either.

"This time, a lot of guys just want to take out all their frustrations and their anger, but use it to the best of their ability out on the field," Holmes said.

Listen in to the entire audio, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, as the Steelers rookie talks about teammates Troy Polamalu and Ben Roethlisberger, as well as the challenge of slowing down the Raven's defense that posted 9 sacks against Pittsburgh the last time they met.

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