Fantasy Mailbox - Week 17 Superbowl Edition

Welcome to the Week 17 FFL SUPERBOWL EDITION of the Fantasy Mailbox! Although many leagues are thinking of next year, otheres are playing their fantasy Superbowl this week. We try to answer a few of your emails here in the mailbox.

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Q : Wow! Somehow I made it to our league's final game. I'm leaning toward playing Marc Bulger over Rex Grossman. Would you agree?

Ray N. - Austin, TX

Yes, play Bulger. The Rams have something to play for and Bulger seems to be in a groove. I don't expect Grossman to play more than one half of football in week 17.


Q : Hi Freak. I'm thinking of going with Ron Dayne (who is hosting Cleveland) over Rudi Johnson. Am I overthinking things?

Steve C. - Tacoma, WA

Yes, you probably are overthinking this...but that's normal. Although Ron Dayne could have another great game with Cleveland in town, I think you have to go with your stud. Rudi Johnson is playing a solid Steelers team against the run, but if Cincy were ever to be up for a game then it's this one. The Steelers are bitter rivals and a win will help the Bengals and their chances (although an unlikely scenario even with a win) to make the postseason. Pittsburgh is out of playoff contention and has nothing else but pride left.


Q : I'm out of it for 2006. Here's my question: Do I keep Matt Leinart for 2007? I have him cheap and we can keep as many guys as we want in our league (with a 20% bump in salary), but do I even bother and use the roster spot? Is his shoulder worth the risk? Thanks.

Travis L. - Cedar Rapids, IA

Absolutely,...keep Leinart (esp. if you retain him at low $$). Leinart is poised and has some of the best weapons in the NFL...he'll have even more talent after the April draft. The AZ record will have them playing a very favorable schedule in 2007. As for Leinart's shoulder, an MRI revealed no structural damage (but he'll still sit in week 17).


Q : SUPERBOWL BOUND BABY! First time evah! Thanks for your help this season!

Here's my question: Do I play the Bears defense even though they'll probably play subs in the second half? My other option is to play Baltimore's D against Buffalo. Thanks man.

Carl B.. - Enid, OK

I'm not sure how you ended up with both the Bears and Ravens defenses (and not sure why you didn't trade one of them), but congratulations Carl! I'm sure you played the Bears all season, but I'd suggest going with Baltimore this week. Baltimore needs this game and the Bears need to keep from getting injured. In addition, the Bears play the Packers - so Brett Favre will possibly be playing his final game (on SNF) and will want to go out a winner. Play Baltimore as the motivated and safer bet this week!


Q : Hey Freak, I'm stuck. I have been riding Drew Brees all year, but I'm worried the Saints will mail it in against Carolina with nothing to play for. My only other option is Chad Pennington against Oakland. Do I make the move to Pennington?

Bryan D. - Topeka, KS

Hi Bryan. Again, that's the problem with a week 17 Superbowl. Although this year is better than most since almost all NFL teams are still playing for something, it's still an issue for some of the stars (including Brees). It's all the reason to move your league's FFL Superbowl to week 16.

To answer your question...Yes. Play Pennington against Oakland. If the Jets win, they are in...and Pennington should do very well!


Q : Hi Fantasy Freak. I'm in a keeper league and we can keep 4 players for next season. I have Peyton Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, Dante Stallworth, Ronnie Brown, and Trent Green worth considering. But Randy Moss is on our waiver wire and I'm thinking of picking him up as a keeper. What would you do?

Jose R.. - Los Angeles, CA

Go with Manning, Fitzgerald, and Brown. And yes, I'd pick up Randy Moss. RM will be playing for a different team next season and he is loaded with guess is he'll be much, much more productive where he's going (likely an NFL contender).

Happy Holidays to you and all!


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