Q&A: Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew took a look back at last week's action against New England with Scout.com's Ed Thompson. Find out what he thought of the Patriots, what happened on his 74-yard touchdown run, a special talent of one of his teammates and more in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: Give us your impressions of the Patriots after working against them last weekend....

Maurice Jones-Drew: They're a great team. They like to do some of the "extra stuff", but other than that they're a great team. They come out and play and get their minds right and play great with their scheme and they have the right guys for their scheme.

ET: What do you mean when you say "extra stuff"?

MJD: Extra late hits.

ET: They like to do that and kind of assume the bully role out there at times...

MJD: Nobody was getting bullied, I mean, they took the brunt of the pain, I promise you that. But they do a nice job of tackling after plays.

ET: You had 131 yards rushing for the day and a terrific 74-yard touchdown run. Tell us what you saw on that play....

MJD: There was a hole right in the middle and I went to squeeze through it and I ran into [tight end] Kyle [Brady]. I fell back a little bit when I ran into Kyle, but no one touched me so I just got up and took off running. And they were kind of in shock that the whistle didn't blow, but they always taught me to play until the whistle blows.

ET: Did you have any hesitation about getting back up? That would have been a natural reaction for a rookie...

MJD: Not at all, I didn't get touched so I just kept going.

ET: Did you and Kyle have a little bit of a laugh after that play?

MJD: Yeah, he was like "I was one of the only guys to tackle you..." and I said "yeah, you're right." (laughs)

Maurice Jones-Drew and Kyle Brady (Doug Benc/Getty Images)
ET: Tell us a little bit about Kyle Brady...

MJD: Kyle's a funny guy, he brings a lot of fun to the game -- it's not all work with him, we have a great time. He does these voices; like one of the strength coaches because he's from Minnesota and it's pretty funny.

ET: Does the strength coach know he does them?

MJD: Yeah, he's right there when he does it. Then he does one of our coaches from Arkansas, he does his voice real funny.

ET: Does he also do any famous people's voices or just people he knows?

MJD: I don't know, we really just ask him to do the ones [of people on the team] and he does them when they're right there too; so it's fun. He did Coach [Mike] Tice one time...it was hilarious.

ET: The Patriots running backs only had 78 yards rushing combined by comparison. Did you get to talk to Laurence Maroney much before or after the game?

MJD: Oh, that's my man, Laurence and I are real cool, so I got to talk to him before and after. We had a good time and it was pretty cool to get to talk to those guys. He was talking trash because I told him "you can't go to my fans and shake your shoulders..." (laughs).

ET: Did you guys talk about any of your past experiences together?

MJD: No not really, we know we're embarking on a new journey, so we pretty much keep things in the present and not really worry about the past.

ET: Did he say he was pretty happy in New England? He's in a similar situation to yours with him having a veteran like Corey Dillon to work with like you have Fred Taylor...

MJD: Oh yeah man, he was telling me that he loves it there; he ended up in a great place and in a great situation.

ET: What was the difference in that game, in your opinion, that allowed the Patriots to get the narrow victory?

MJD: We had three chances at the end to win it and as an offense we just didn't do what it took to win. That was one of the main things, we just didn't make enough plays to win.

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