Pregame Q&A With Maurice Jones-Drew

Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew heads to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs. And he might get his first chance to play football in the snow. He shares some of his pregame thoughts in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson:  So did you get anything fun for Christmas?

Maurice Jones-Drew:  Mostly Superman stuff like a Superman belt buckle.

ET:  Well let's get busy talking some football … when you started this season, did you imagine it would come down to the wire like this?

MJD: It's kind of tough, you never think that it would come down to something like this, but it's the NFL so you have to be ready for everything. That's just something that as a team we have to get ready for and we earned the record we have so that's just how we're going to have to finish the season; hopefully we can earn another victory.

ET: Let's talk about this week and your upcoming game against the Chiefs. How's the team doing at this point?

MJD: The mood is always going to be upbeat and positive; we always want to win and it's the last game of the year so we want to go out with a bang. For me, it's going to be my first time playing in the snow so that's going to be pretty cool. It's going to be a fun game, we're going to go out there and run the ball and throw the ball, the defense is going to play well. They have Larry Johnson and Dante Hall, so we have a big challenge in front of us, that's how we see it. And we still have a chance for the playoffs. Whenever you have a chance, you need to go out there and seize that opportunity. So we have to get out there and get after it this week.

ET: You, possibly Fred Taylor and Larry Johnson all on the same field. The fans are in for quite a treat, aren't they?

MJD: Yeah, but I see it as I'm playing one of the guys I've been playing since high school -- or Pop Warner actually-- Jarrad Page, so we'll be going at it most of the time.

Chiefs DB Jarrad Page (Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
ET: Tell us a little bit about him and your background with him...

MJD:  Jarrad and I grew up in the bay area together and I used to play him in Pop Warner.  And it was crazy. Our teams would always meet in the championship, and I only beat him one time, and he beat me like four or five times. Then when we got to high school, I beat him every time in high school. Then we ended up going to UCLA together. Now we're in the NFL together, so it's another chance to see who's really the best because we're going to go against each other.

ET: Has the trash talking already begun? Have you guys talked by phone yet?

MJD: Oh no, we really don't talk too much trash. I'll see him on the field and say some stuff to him on the field, but not before the game. We've got to get our minds right first.

ET: What's Coach Del Rio telling you guys about the Chiefs to make sure your ready for what you'll see out there this weekend?

MJD: They have Larry Johnson, he's the monster of the week. He had 350 carries and he's still running, so obviously he's a good back. They have Tony Gonzalez who's a great player out of the PAC-10, Eddie Kennison is a good receiver who's really fast, so they have a lot of offensive weapons and the best defense is your offense. We're going try to keep their offense off the field, but we've got to do the little things and make plays. So for us to do that, we have to go out there and just catch the ball and run the ball and just be us.

ET: If you do end up getting snowy conditions, will it just be your first time playing in snow at the pro level or did you not even play in snow in college?

MJD: No, we didn't play in it in college. We had one day where I thought we were going to play in the snow, but it stopped snowing that day and just got real cold; like ten degrees outside in Washington state.

ET: Have you been asking for any advice on what to do with your footing or what size cleats you should wear in the snow or anything like that?

MJD: It's grass, so we're going to wear the screw-in cleats, but your footing as a running back is always the big deal. You've got to be able to cut on your outside foot, so that's what we have to do.

ET: Well good luck out there. Anything else you want to share with the fans this week?

MJD: How should I end this about Konichiwa!

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