Scouting the MPC Computers Bowl for Talent

December 31, 7:30 PM EST, ESPN: A talented but disappointing Miami Hurricane team plays on the blue field in Idaho as they once again miss out on a New Years Day bowl game. The Hurricanes have seven potential first day prospects yet in reality only three may break into the initial 100-selections.

Miami vs. Nevada
ESPN, 7:30 P.M.


 Name Pos # Yr Rnd Comments
Baraka Atkins DT 98 5Sr 4th Gifted prospect coming off a disappointing campaign.  Picked up his play late in the year but may not be enough to save a first day grade.
Jon Beason OLB 2 4Jr 3rd Terrific athlete who makes plays sideline to sideline.  Needs to complete his game but offers a lot of upside.  Likely to enter the draft.
Kareem Brown DT 99 5Sr 3rd Explosive interior lineman coming off an erratic senior season.  
Darnell Jenkins WR 8 4Sr FA Sparsely used receiver with solid size/speed numbers.  Played in three games this year and could apply for a sixth season.
Brandon Meriweather S 19 5Sr 2/3
Solid cover safety who could patrol centerfield or play nickel over the slot receiver.  Character is an issue.
Brian Monroe P 15 4Sr 7th Inconsistent punter with a big leg.
Ryan Moore WR 85 5Sr 4/5 Big receiver with terrific speed.  Looked like a dominant force as a freshman in '03 but has since watched his play regress.  Missed eight games due to suspension this year.
Tyrone Moss RB 30 4Sr 4/5 Talented back with terrific size/speed numbers.  Showed a lot of skill before his knee injury late in '05.   Could not win back the starting job this year.  A steal outside of the top 100-picks if he gets back to prior form.
Greg Olsen TE 82 4Jr 3/4 Athletic tight end with an incomplete game.  Does not do the little things well and is better off staying in school for another season.  Likely to enter the draft.
Anthony Wollschlager C 78 5Sr FA Limited athlete with marginal size.  Struggles handling large defenders in the middle of the field.  Practice squad material.
Kyle Wright QB 3 4Jr 5/6 Big armed passer who needs a lot of work on his game.


Name Pos # Yr Rnd Comments
Joey Garcia CB 23 5Sr 6/7 Ball-hawking corner who plays a tough brand of football.  Best in a cover-two type system.
Nick Hawthrone S 28 5Sr FA
One time productive safety who has struggled since his knee injury in late '05.
Robert Hubbard RB 19 5Sr FA Hard working football player with limited size.
J.J. Milan DE 91 5Sr FA Nice sized rush-linebacker prospect for a 3-4 alignment.
Anthony Pudewell TE 83 5Sr 7th Well rounded tight end who could play for a team which keeps three TE's.
Jeff Rowe QB 3 5Sr 7th Well sized passer with a solid arm.  Best in the intermediate passing game though the placement of his throws leaves a lot to be desired.
Caleb Spencer WR 87 4Sr FA Fearless pass catcher who also effectively blocks downfield.  Marginal size/speed numbers will leave him on the outside looking in on draft day.


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