6 Points With Victor Adeyunju

Rams rookie defensive end Victor Adeyanju talked to Scout.com's Ed Thompson about the highlight of his rookie season to date, how his NFL experience is matching up to his previous expectations and more in this exclusive interview!

Ed Thompson: In 12 games you've made 34 tackles, a sack, a pass deflection and made two fumble recoveries - including one for a touchdown. Are you satisfied with what you've accomplished so far as a rookie?

Victor Adeyanju: Getting hurt late in the season and not being able to pick up more sacks for my team, I always think there's room for improvement.

ET: Was the 89-yard fumble recovery the highlight of your season so far? Or does something else stand out as more memorable?

VA: (laughs) It has to be. It would have been even better if our team had won the game, but it put our team in a great position to win. And 89 yards after me being out there on that long drive ... it's definitely a big highlight of mine.

ET: How has becoming an NFL player matched up to what you expected it to be -- and how is it different?

VA: People around the Rams organization are very classy and seeing guys like Orlando Pace, Tory Holt, and Isaac Bruce, you read about them growing up. And then actually playing with them was an unreal experience. You knew the playbook was going to be big, a lot of responsibilities, and they hold you very accountable. So I think it was everything I expected it to be. And I don't think there was anything I thought it was going to be that it didn't turn out to be.

Victor Adeyanju recovers a fumble against the Packers (Harry How/Getty Images)
ET: I know you have a very close family. How has your success in the NFL impacted them so far?

VA: They're always proud of seeing me on TV…a lot of their friends they talk to are really excited about it, so everybody's really excited and happy for me right now.

ET: As a rookie, you not only have to learn the plays and the routine of preparing for NFL games, but you also have to find the guys on the team that you can really bond with. Who are your closest friends on the team?

VA: I'm very close with the D-line, I talk to a couple of the offensive guys, the guy I room with every time: Claude Wroten, La'Roi Glover, Jimmy Kennedy, [Brandon] Green, I mean everybody's pretty close.

ET: You told me in a previous interview that your last coach at Indiana really liked your bull rush and power moves. How much have you had to change your technique or tactics at the pro level?

VA: On the pro level the coach pretty much taught me the things I've added to my repertoire, but it's all a matter of using the right moves at the right times. It's allowed me to do a lot more combinations and other moves. There's still room for me to grow and there's still a couple other things I want to improve on, but it's definitely added more to my repertoire.

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