Pregame Q&A With Victor Adeyanju

Rams rookie DE Victor Adeyunju fills you in on his recovery from his broken arm and his insight on Sunday's opponent, the Minnesota Vikings. Victor also tells you who the toughest offensive tackle is that he's faced so far this season in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: Tell us about how your injury happened and how you're doing heading into this week's game.

Victor Adeyanju: Basically during the San Fran game, the fullback was coming and apparently the top of his helmet hit my arm when I was trying to take him on. It fractured my arm.  I stayed in there for a couple of plays, but once I got to the sideline and my energy and adrenaline stopped rushing it started to hurt a lot. I told the doctors and they put a little hard cast with a sling on my arm, but it was very painful. I played last week and it was okay ... so the difference will be how things shape up this week and try to get me in there. The recovery … I hate wearing the cast for the most part, but you've got to do what you've got to do. I got a lot of bone stim treatment, I'm just trying to move my wrist around little bit. And now that the cast is off we just have to wait for the healing part to take over and we'll go from there.

ET: You've had the chance to go up against a number of talented offensive tackles. Off the top of your head, who gave you toughest challenge so far this year?

VA: It's got to be my man from Seattle [Walter Jones]. He was so big and he had pretty good feet. I mean with certain tackles I was able to overpower and certain tackles I was able to get over them and get better leverage on them. But this guy was so big, so tall, and so athletic that it gave me a little bit more trouble.

ET: This week you have Bryant McKinnie trying to slow you down. What have you noticed about him as a player as you studied him this week?

VA: He's also big - he's probably one of the biggest guys I'm going to go against - and very athletic. Your best bet is to get off quick and then move and counter move because he seems very athletic on the edge, but he doesn't seem to respond as well to move, countermove. So definitely get off quick, present one move to him and see how he responds to it and if he responds good. If he doesn't move, you've got to countermove quick or you'll never get past him.

Victor Adeyanju pressures Colts QB Jim Sorgi in preseason action (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
ET: Does seeing what Aaron Kampman (three sacks) did to rookie offensive tackle Ryan Cook last week get the Rams' ends excited to rush the passer?

VA: Oh definitely, we've got great guys Leonard Little and La'Roi Glover…we're definitely excited against the pass.

ET: The Vikings have employed a zone blocking scheme this year. From a defensive standpoint, what are the advantage to facing that sort of scheme and what are the disadvantages?

VA: The advantages would be you keep the other guys in the backfield and it lets the linebackers and the safeties get to the play a little quicker, but the only bad part is if you're out of your gap they could take advantage it.

ET: Does facing a mobile but rookie quarterback change your approach to the pass rush?

VA: It definitely does. The quarterback is always the key to vision when you pass and you also have to be very particular with the caging and having containment at the edge. Once you have a quarterback who presents that stuff you really have to be conscious keeping coverage on him and not letting him escape up the side.

ET: Tell me what you've noticed about Chester Taylor while watching film of him this week.

VA: [He's a] great grizzly back, great runner after contact. And we just have to all rally to him and make sure he's down.

ET: Despite the injury, are you still having fun out there?

VA: I'm always having fun.

ET: Anything you'd like to pass on to the Rams fans?

VA: I just want to thank all the Rams fans for their support and let them know we'll keep fighting for them.

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