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January 1, 2006 ... Very sad news out of Denver ... two NFC head coaches are fired ... cornerback injuries hit the Seahawks hard ... the inside scoop on Browns head coach Romeo Crennel and more in the early edition of the NFL Blog!

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Sad start to the new year:  2007 ended quickly and tragically for Denver cornerback Darrent Williams, a 2005 second-round draft pick out of Oklahoma State who started nine games during his rookie season and fifteen games in 2006. The white Hummer limousine that Williams was riding in shortly after 2 a.m. this morning was sprayed with bullets from the side in a drive-by shooting. Williams was killed while two others were hospitalized. A few Broncos players were reportedly at a nightclub in downtown Denver when an altercation broke out amongst some of the patrons. The Broncos cornerback left with his friends and the shooting occurred minutes later. Williams was just 24 years old.

Xs and Os:  Our Giants site breaks down how New York fared by position group against the Redskins this weekend. subscribers can check it out to get an idea of how those groups are performing as they prepare for this weekend's playoff game at Philadelphia.

Green, Mora out:
Two clubs have already parted ways with their head coaches. Find out more about it here.

Browns head coach Romeo Crennel (David Maxwell/Getty Images)
Is Crennel next? Over the weekend, our Browns site got way out in front of Cleveland's decision about the future of their head coach, Romeo Crennel. subscribers can find out what their sources have told them regarding Crennel's interest in staying, the team's thought process, and the possibility of other coaching staff changes. Today, Fred Greetham reports that the Browns weren't tipping their hand publicly yet based on Crennel's Monday press conference. Take a look at his report here.

By land or by air...
The Chiefs needed to win their game on Sunday plus have three other games turn out just right. At this feature at our Colts site, you can see how Kansas City slipped into the playoffs and get a first glance snapshot at their upcoming game on Saturday at Indianapolis.

Who's your Granddaddy?
  Tony Pauline, our draft expert at, takes a look at the granddaddy of all the bowl games, the Rose Bowl, and the players who could sign with your favorite NFL team this year. Michigan has five projected first-rounders playing while USC has three more. subscribers can read this TFY Draft Preview player-by-player analysis here. Kickoff is at 5:00 p.m. (ET).

Quotable: "I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I really can't. This is the low point for me in a long time." -- Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells. Find out what the outlook is in Dallas following their 39-31 loss to the Lions at our Cowboys site.

Bears QB Rex Grossman (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
One thinking, one stinking: Matt Tvish at our Bears site had this to say about the Packer's 26-7 win at Soldier Field on Sunday night over the Bears. "What NBC's prime-time regular season finale telecast between the Packers and Bears lacked in playoff implications it gained in quarterback drama," he says. "Rex Grossman left the game stinking while Brett Favre left it thinking ... about whether this is the real end of an amazing NFL career." subscribers can enjoy Tvish's commentary on the performances of both quarterbacks.

Monday Morning Quarterback: Kyle Rota at our Seahawks site breaks down Seattle's 23-7 win over the Buccaneers and asks, "Who is going to play cornerback? CBs Kelly Herndon and Jimmy Williams both suffered injuries – Herndon a broken ankle, Williams some sort of knee injury."  Get an idea of the state of the Seahawks as they prepare to host the Dallas Cowboys this weekend in this article.

Simply stunning:  John Holler at our Vikings site notes that the usually reliable Minnesota defense couldn't believe how easily the Rams moved the ball up and down the field on them during a 41-21 loss on Sunday. Holler also mentions that Minnesota's head coach Brad Childress reminded the media that the team is in a transition that is similar to remodeling a house while you still live in it -- uncomfortable for the occupants and a pain to the neighbors (the Vikings fans). subscribers can check out his gameday notes here.

Today's Birthday Bunch: Bears WR Rashied Davis (28), Saints LB Terrence Melton (30), Redskins K Shaun Suisham (26), Titans LB Stephen Tulloch (22).

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