Sheldon Brown on Sirius NFL Radio

Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown appeared on Sirius NFL Radio this week. Check out what he had to say here...

Earlier this year, many people gave up on the Philadelphia Eagles. They couldn't stop the run and they had lost their starting quarterback.

But they got it turned around in a big way. And this week, on Sirius NFL Radio, Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown talked about how battling all that adversity has put Philadelphia in a better mindset as they begin their playoff run against the Giants this weekend.

"It really put us in that underdog role," he said. "You know, sometimes when you hear positive things in the preseason, you start feeling a little bit good about yourself. But when you're at the bottom and people are calling you out, you have to dig deep..."

Listen to the complete interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, as Brown talks about defensive end Trent Cole's remark earlier this week about rattling Eli Manning, what it's going to take to stop the likes of Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey and Plaxico Burress, and what the Eagles learned from their loss to the Giants earlier this year.

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