Jason David on Sirius NFL Radio

On Friday, Colts cornerback Jason David took a few minutes to talk to Sirius NFL Radio about Saturday's big game against the Chiefs...

The much-maligned Colts defense has two important missions on Saturday against the Chiefs. First and most importantly, they have to do their part to ensure a victory. But almost as important to them is that they make a strong showing against a running back of the caliber of Kansas City's Larry Johnson.

"It's going to set the tone for the playoffs," Colts cornerback Jason David explained during his Friday interview on Sirius NFL Radio.

Of course, stopping Johnson is easier said than done. But during his 7-minute interview on this weekend's matchup, David said, "We're built to swarm the ball and get after people. We kind of got away from that in the games we did lose and in the games where we gave away a lot of rushing yards. So that's something we've got to get back to and just make it happen."

Listen to the complete interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, as David talks more about Larry Johnson, the Chiefs' receivers, what the return of Bob Sanders means to the Colts, the influence of head coach Tony Dungy on this team and much more!

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