Six Points With Antoine Bethea

Colts starting safety Antoine Bethea took a quick look back at last weekend's playoff victory over the Chiefs with's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: So have you come down off the cloud from your victory over the Chiefs?

Anotine Bethea: Oh yeah, we're off the cloud now.

ET: What do you think really made the difference in how well the defense performed out there?

AB: I think it was just everybody understanding what needed to be done. It's the playoffs, and if you lose you go home -- and I don't think anyone's ready to go home. We just flew around and played football like we should have been playing all year. And like I said, I guess it was a good time for everyone to come and play a good game.

ET: How much fun was it for you having Bob Sanders back out there next to you?

AB: It was fun having Bob out there for everybody. Everyone was happy to see him out there being that he's been injured for a couple games this year.

Colts safety Antoine Bethea picks off a pass intended for Chiefs WR Samie Parker (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

ET: Tell us how you were able to make your big interception last week…

AB: It was two minutes left in the game, so you knew they had to pass. And on my side it was Tony Gonzalez, so I was really thinking he was going to go to him. But a lot of our guys were keying on Tony Gonzalez, and when he looked over to Samie Parker I just broke on it. The play before, Jason David told me to look at the corner because he's going to have to get out of bounds to stop the clock, and that's the way he was throwing the ball - to the sideline. And I just got a good read on it.

ET: How much did all of the hype surrounding Larry Johnson and how he was going to be "your worst nightmare" fire you guys up?

AB: It fired us up a lot. We've been hearing that all year and we knew what type of players we had on our side of the ball. We knew that they had a good rushing attack and we knew they were going to try and run Larry Johnson, so our main thing was first stop the run and make them throw the ball. Then we could get our front four to get to the quarterback. So I think we did a good job of stopping the run and then we were able to let our front four loose.

ET: Can you explain how the defense was able to step up its game in just a single week's time, because I'm sure fans were sitting there wondering why this talented bunch of guys weren't able to do this every week...

AB: I don't think there's too much to explain. I think the best thing we can say is that we're going to try and go out there Saturday and do the same thing. There are three parts to the season: the preseason, the regular season, and the playoffs, and the preseason and regular season are behind us. So we just have to look forward towards our goal which is to make it to the Super Bowl.

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