SCOUT Q&A With Colts Safety Antoine Bethea

By earning a starter's role out of training camp with one of the top teams in the league, Colts rookie safety Antoine Bethea has been one of this season's great success stories. Find out what he had to say about Saturday's matchup against the Ravens in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: Have you guys talked at all about how good it's going to be for you playing on the exact same kind of turf down in Baltimore as you play on in the RCA Dome?

Antoine Bethea: Oh yeah, we love playing on the turf. We can fly around on the turf. But then again, we're going to be playing in a hostile environment, so the main thing we have to do is bring the energy and intensity that we played with last week.

ET: This week you're facing a team with a little more balance than the Chiefs with Jamal Lewis, Steve McNair, and a couple good receivers; what challenge does that create for you and what are you expecting to see this week?

AB: Well, we're going into the game with the same concept as last week. Jamal Lewis is a good running back so we feel as though they will try to do the same thing…establish the run. Our main goal is to stop the run and if we do that, they have some good receivers, but I think we'll be able to handle ourselves.

Antoine Bethea (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
ET: The Colts defense did a great job of neutralizing Tony Gonzalez last week. And this week you have another good tight end to deal with in Todd Heap. What's it going to take to take him out of the game?  Steve McNair's really been leaning on him in the last few outings.

AB: Well, I think it'll be hard to take him out of the game completely. Like you said, he's a good tight end so I think he's going to get his catches. But again, our main thing is when he catches the ball, tackle him. We have to know Steve McNair's going to be looking towards him, so sometimes we might have to lean a little more toward his side depending on what type of situation it is in the game.

ET: What have you seen on film that has impressed you about their receivers -- Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton?

AB: They're very solid receivers. They catch the ball -- you rarely see them drop any balls -- they run good routes and the most important thing is they have a lot of yards after the catch. Our main thing is even if they do catch the ball, we have to get them down so we can live to see another down.

ET: Have any of the guys who have played games in Baltimore before been sharing any tips with you about that environment and their players since this is your rookie season and first time there?

AB: They haven't been saying much, but everybody pretty much knows the players that they have on their team. They have some really good players and some playmakers, so our main goal is just to go in there and be focused to do what we have to do.

ET: Is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans?

AB: Don't forget about the Colts, we're still in it to win it.

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