SCOUT Q&A: Colts OL Dylan Gandy

Colts offensive lineman Dylan Gandy talked to's Ed Thompson this week about the Colts-Ravens matchup, quarterback Peyton Manning and running back Joseph Addai, and even the bulletin board material comments made by the Ravens...

Ed Thompson:  How are you doing after that big win last week?

Dylan Gandy:  Good, it was a lot of fun and we're really excited about this weekend.  It's a big game coming up and that gave us life last weekend. We're still in this thing and we're really excited about continuing that. It's win or go home and we're looking forward to the offseason, but we want it to be about another month before we start celebrating that. So we don't want to stop playing, not for a while.

ET:  A couple of weeks ago I was talking to [rookie OT] Charlie Johnson and he said you were back there on the wedge on kick returns with him. Was that any fun for you?

DG:  I did a little bit just for a week or two. I did that all year last year and I'm not doing it anymore except for those couple of weeks. I enjoy playing on the line more than I do that -- that's for sure.  But you know, it's a huge exciting play and there's a lot of stuff that can happen on that play. So there's definitely a fun side to it.

ET:  Lets talk a little bit about what you guys accomplished against the Chiefs before we turn the page to the Ravens cause you guys certainly looked effective and efficient out there. Talk a little bit about Joseph Addai's performance.

DG:  It was great.  He's an amazing player. He and Dom [Dominick Rhodes] both are. He did a great job of taking advantage of what they gave us -- he's a beast.

ET:  I know usually in the huddle it's Peyton Manning leading you guys, keeping you guys sharp. He had a good game on many fronts as far as his completion rate and all, but he had those three tough interceptions. Did you guys find that at times you were boosting him up during that game?

DG:  I wouldn't say so.  Peyton has a good head on his shoulders and he's really confident in what he does. He's been doing it for a long time and he knows what works. And a lot of times he's able to make mistakes like people do and then move on from them.  So he was still just as fired up as we were that we were playing well -- and a couple bad breaks can't make you throw everything away.

ET:  Do you think those interceptions last week have him even more fired up this week? I know he's rarely had two tough games in a row.

DG:  I don't think Peyton needs any extra motivation to do well other than just focusing on our goal as a team.  I'm sure he may or may not have been happy with that performance, but Peyton wants to win a championship and that's what we're all after.  So I think that's plenty motivation enough for him.

Dylan Gandy and Peyton Manning (Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
ET:  Tell us a little bit about what you've seen on film this week and what you know about the Ravens that's going to be challenging in this game.

DG:  Schematically they're a team that thrives off of confusion.  They move around a lot and they hope that you don't know who you're supposed to block. And then on top of that they're good players as well, so I think its definitely going to be a challenge for us to know who we have and then get the job done from there.  But it's something we've been working real hard on throughout the week, so we're looking forward to it.

ET:  What kind of challenge does Trevor Pryce present for the Colts' offensive line?

DG:  He's just really quick ... quick off the ball.  And he's got a lot of balance, a lot of mobility and he'll definitely make you stay on your feet.

ET:  I don't know if you saw it or not, but it was certainly great bulletin board material this week.  Bart Scott was talking about getting to Manning and pouring hot sauce all over him and also saying it was going to be a painful day for Joseph Addai.  And Ray Lewis was basically discounting Addai a little bit saying the Chiefs didn't really cover him and this week he's going to get hit like he didn't get hit last week. Does that kind of stuff have any impact on you guys or does that just go in one ear and out the other?

DG:  It's just talk and we really don't pay any attention to it.

ET:  I know this Ravens team likes to do a lot of talking during the games. How do you deal with the talkers out there when they're trying to get in your face and trying to disrupt you? 

DG:  Mostly you just try to ignore it and then play your game. Sometimes you'll talk a little bit back, but I think it's best typically just to ignore it and focus on what you've got to focus on.

ET:  Against a team like the Ravens is balance in your offense going to be more important then ever?

DG:  I can definitely say so. What we do here is we take what they give us, that's [offensive coordinator] Tom Moore's motto. We don't believe that any team can force us into one thing, but we will gladly take the opposite. So we're really going to leave that up to how they play us. If they want to make us pass then we're going to pass the heck out of it.  And if they try to defend the pass then we're going to run it. So it's really all up to how they play us.

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