Raheem Brock on Sirius NFL Radio

Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock had plenty to say about the revitalized Colts defense during an interview earlier this week on Sirius NFL Radio.

Just like many others across the country, the hosts of Sirius NFL Radio wanted to know what the Colts defense did to stop Chiefs running back Larry Johnson while also swarming all over quarterback Trent Green. So they asked Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock for some insight.

Brock explained some of the preparations and the game plan approach that helped the team execute better, but he also pointed out a simple truth from this season.

"We always tend to step up in those big games like the Monday night games, and Sunday and playoff games," he said.

And it's true. The Colts won all three of their Sunday night games this season over the Giants, Patriots and Eagles, and then won handily against the Bengals at home on a Monday night before dismantling the Chiefs in the Wild Card Playoffs.

Brock says the Colts defense knows they hold the key to how deep the team goes in the playoffs this year.

"We know our offense is a great offense and we have to get them the ball as much as we can," he said. "... We already know that the defense is going to be the one that takes us all the way there."

Listen to the entire interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, as Brock talks about what safety Bob Sanders brings to the defense, Ravens quarterback Steve McNair, Colts running back Joseph Addai and more!

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