Underclassmen Update: January 14th

Several underclassmen who led many to believe they would enter next April's NFL draft are now rescinding on their original decision. Others are publicly saying they will stay in school yet are sending out different signals in private. Here's the latest update.

Arizona cornerback Antoine Cason surprised some in the media and draft world by announcing he would stay in school for his senior season.  This did not come as a surprise to scouts who feel Cason is significantly overrated.  

Why did Cason, who told many last November the NFL would be his next stop, decide to play one more year of college ball?  In a nutshell he's not as good as he thinks.

Cason, who hoped to receive a first round grade when he sent an inquiry to the NFL Advisory Committee, received a report which showed something totally different.

The scouts who graded Cason assigned him a fourth round grade, which forced the Wildcat corner to make an immediate adjustment to his plans.

The story is similar for Dre Moore.

Experiencing personal conflicts with Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen, the Terps defensive tackle was all set to leave for the NFL.  

That was until Moore heard what scouts had to say.

According to the report from the advisory committee Moore presently grades as a sixth round selection.  And though he has not publicly announced his intentions Moore has told people close to the program he will return next year.

Every year stories circulate of prospects demanding money, cars and much more from agents who want to represent them.  

Keith Rivers is offering a different deal altogether.

The talented outside linebacker, who we presently rank as the 20th best prospect in the nation, received a second round grade from the advisory committee.  To many that means Rivers is first round material as the committee is purposely conservative with their grading.

Yet Rivers wants a guarantee he will be a first round pick and wants guaranteed first round money.

Rivers has told agents he will sign with them if they guarantee to make up the difference in money if he falls out of the first round.

Once source calculated that if Rivers was to slip to the 38th pick of the draft any agent who agreed to those conditions would be on the hook for almost $2-million!



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