Six Points With Titans WR Brandon Jones

Second-year receiver Brandon Jones reflects on the Titans' season, his development as he worked with rookie quarterback Vince Young and much more in this exclusive...

Ed Thompson:  Looking back at your second season, what are a few of your favorite moments of the year?

Brandon Jones:  A few of my favorite moments were in the middle when we finally decided to get things turned around and we got this Vince Young show going.  Those are my favorite moments, coming out on top and not coming out a loser like it looked like we were supposed to in the beginning, and how we've had bad some rough times in the past seasons.

ET:  You guys did have a tough start. And with it just being the beginning of your second season, how did you keep your morale up when you saw the team struggling so much?

BJ:  You have great coaches like Jeff Fisher who keeps you going, keeps you motivated. He keeps telling you that you're able to win and you're better than the level you're playing at. You may not believe him at the time, but he's telling you the truth. A lot of those games we played in the beginning we knew we could play a lot better.

ET:  Other than Coach Fisher, who else on the team early in the year were real upbeat and set a great tone for the team's eventual turnaround?

BJ:  One of the main guys was Vince Young.   When he finally got the ball and was named the starter, I remember we used to take breaks during those long Mondays, and we would just talk in the car. And we would always discuss about how we were tired of losing. You got guys like [RB] LenDale White and Vince Young and me that all came from winning teams in college. That was one thing we always talked about was, "man I'm not used to this." So I think we got our heads together and got everybody on the same track. And that's when we decided to turn it around.

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ET:  It looked like as the season went on you got more and more comfortable out there. You and Vince got into more of a rhythm. Is that how it felt to you?

BJ:  Yeah, it did feel like that. You've got a young quarterback and a young receiver, so you have no choice but to go out there and work hard together, because you know the talent that you're capable of showing and you know that you can win ball games.  So it got more fun out there. Vince makes it a lot more fun because he's a relaxed quarterback.  He reminds me a lot of  Steve McNair from last year because he's always so comfortable and cracking jokes. And it makes everyone around him comfortable and everyone around him plays better because they relax. You just settle in because you know he's got a good feel for the game.

ET:  You had five catches against Buffalo in Week 16 out of your 27 total catches for the season. And you had 101 yards receiving and a touchdown in that game. What was it about your matchup against the Bills that everything clicked so well for you and Vince Young?

BJ:  With our offense we're running, we throw the ball whenever we have to.  We try to be balanced, but sometimes with Vince he finds certain targets. As a receiver, I can say I've been open every week.  And he finally decided to start throwing it to me that day. But I guess it's just the play calls and the way Vince sees things out there, because he finds ways to win and he can get the ball in there to anybody. It's more about the play calls of [offensive coordinator] Norm Chow, and fortunately he just decided to find me a couple times on that day.

ET:  You had your longest reception of the year against the Patriots in the final game of the year for 53 yards. Tell us what you saw on that play and how you made it work.

BJ:  We needed something to get going because we were only down by thirteen and we just needed to get the crowd up.  And we're always talking about taking shots and we needed to get some momentum.  Vince just found me and the ball was kind of slick since it was raining, and I thought it was going to be short. So I came back and jumped over [Patriots CB] Asante [Samuel] and I just wanted to make something big happen. I'm sure that next year we'll get more opportunities like that.

Check back later this week for a Scout Q&A feature with Titans WR Brandon Jones where he'll talk more about being part of the exciting trio of young talent in Tennessee along with Vince Young and LenDale White, what he's learning from veteran WR Drew Bennett, his thoughts on RB Travis Henry contributions to the team, how the team reacted to the news that Vince Young was taking over earlier this year and much more!

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