Terrence Wilkins on Sirius NFL Radio

Colts returns specialist Terrence Wilkins was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio and talked about his team's preparations to host the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, head coach Tony Dungy, Adam Vinatieri and much more!

Terrence Wilkins joined Adam Caplan and Bryan McGovern on Sirius NFL Radio's "Late Hits" as the Colts were getting ready to take on New England with hopes of making their first Super Bowl appearance since 1971.

Wilkins, who started his career in Indianapolis, was brought back to the NFL by the Colts after being out of the league for two seasons. And he couldn't be happier about having a chance to win an AFC Championship at this stage of his career and to possibly play in a Super Bowl.

"It's real amazing. It's just a blessing to get another opportunity," he said. "To come in with a team I was familiar with, and also being around a group of guys who like to work hard and having a real good coach, I mean, Tony Dungy is a real motivator and one of the nicest people to be around."

During his guest appearance, Wilkins talked about why great special teams execution will be critical on Sunday, and what he does as a returns specialist to prepare for a game like this. And while he talked extensively on those topics, his veteran experience showed through with comments like this one: "You want to look at it like it's a big game, but at the same time ... it's what I've been doing ever since I could walk, you know, playing football."

Don't miss this great 8-minute interview, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio, as he also talks about Adam Vinatieri (and his nickname for him), how Tony Dungy handled the team this week and what experience in his life pushes him now to give every play 100 percent:

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