North Offense Practice Notes: Final

TFY Draft Preview provides their Thursday notes and final analysis for each player who will appear in the Senior Bowl for the North's offense.

Tyler Palko/Pittsburgh Ht: 6007 Wt:  215
32 1/4  Hand:  9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: He clearly showed that his arm lacks strength and velocity although his passes were accurate for the most part
Tuesday Practice Notes: He showed a little improvement with his accuracy but his lack of overall arm strength is clearly evident. His footwork was better on the second day and he seemed more comfortable in the offense. Palko still doesn't have an NFL arm and that's been clear from his first throw in the first practice on Monday.
Wednesday Practice Notes: This was clearly his best practice of the week so far. He threw with great accuracy and also improved on his deep throws. His foot work and pocket awareness were also better.
Thursday Practice Notes: As has been the case this week, Palko wasn't able to get to the ball down field well. He was able to hit well on much shorter passes. Again, he just doesn't have the arm strength.
Analysis: His arm strength is clearly a problem and while his accuracy was decent, he had trouble getting the ball down field consistently. He didn't help himself this week.
Troy Smith/Ohio St. Ht: 5112  Wt:  214
32  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: He was by far the best quarterback on the field today at the North practice. The ball jumped out of his hand and he was quite accurate. His decision making was also good. Smith helped himself today.
Tuesday Practice Notes: He still was the best quarterback on the field for the second straight day. He showed an overall command of the offense and he was very accurate. Smith clearly was the most polished of the three signal callers on the North squad. The only negatives were he was off a little on some deep throws but his intermediate throws were mostly right on the money.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He was much better in the early portion of practice in non-team specific drills. In one on one drills he was much more accurate. Smith tended to be off on his throws in 11-on-11 drills and had several deflected or picked off.
Thursday Practice Notes: He was solid for the most part again. He was a little erratic in team drills and he lacked good enough touch as the passes tended to sail a bit.
Analysis: He might have been the best at this position this week but that may not be saying too much. Smith's solid arm strength was evident but his accuracy was an issue at times especially with bodies around him.
Drew Stanton/Michigan St. Ht: 6027  Wt:  226
30 3/4  Hand:  9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: His throws were inconsistent through out the practice session. Stanton would set up well but was off on his mechanics.
Tuesday Practice Notes: His throws were erratic at times and wobbled past 15-20 yards. He did show improvement with his footwork and he did a better job of going through his progressions. Overall, Stanton needs to show more improvement the rest of the week to help his draft stock.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He did a good job of moving in the pocket and he was mostly on target on short to intermediate throws. His longer throws still tended to wobble a bit which has been an issue for him this week.
Thursday Practice Notes: He threw with a lot of poise and he moved around well but his passes tended to be off the mark over 20 yards which has been the case at different times this week.
Analysis: Overall accuracy was an issue with him all week because his passes tended to flutter past 15 yards. He did a good job with his footwork and movement in the pocket but his accuracy is something he'll have to work on. The issue according to some scouts was where he grips the ball. We can't say that he helped himself.
Tony Hunt/Penn St. Ht: 6016  Wt:  239
31 1/4  Hand:  9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: He used his size effectively in short-yardage work and showed to have good hands in drills where he was asked to catch the football.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Hunt had a solid day today looking good in many aspects of the game, especially running between the tackles. Has great vision inside the line, finds the hole and powers his way through the congestion. Does not have a high-end gear, which hurts him trying to get around the corner and once he gets into the second level, and runs upright when tired. Decent hands out of the backfield, and got better at blocking in the team drills after a poor performance in one-on-one blitzing with the linebackers.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He clearly lacks break away speed and is usually caught by defenders when trying to get outside. Hunt does hit the hole hard and doesn't dance and he knows how to use his large frame.
Thursday Practice Notes: He continued run well with power inside. He also has good hands when being asked to catch the ball out of the backfield
Analysis: He was one of the better backs this week. He ran well with tremendous power inside and would be tacklers had a problem taking him down. Hunt also showed to have soft hands out of the back field.
Kolby Smith/Louisville Ht: 5112  Wt:  214
32  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: He moved around well and was the best back on the field today. He cut and ran to daylight on several runs.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Seemed stiff all day and almost too muscular for a running back. Did not seem smooth in his running, but still runs downhill and with force. Runs well up the middle, but there is a tendency to bounce his runs outside even to the point of overrunning his hole. Loves to use his stiffarm for runs to the outside, and strong enough to get away with it. Good pad level at the point of contact, can get some major yards afterwards, but is a two down back.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He had a rather non-descript practice which has been the case for him this week for the most part. Smith has a little shiftiness to his runs and gets through the holes fairly well. It should be noted that he has played some fullback here this week.
Thursday Practice Notes: He got a chance to touch the ball more and moved well.
Analysis: He was asked to play fullback at least half of the time so he didn't get a chance to carry the ball that much. He showed some shiftiness on his runs and he did a decent job of catching the football.
Garrett Wolfe/N. Illinois Ht: 5073  Wt:  182
29 1/8  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: He had trouble getting through the hole. He also went down fairly easily after first contact.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Did not practice and found out after the practice he is injured with Thomas Clayton coming for him tomorrow.
Thomas Clayton/Kansas St. Filled in for Garrett Wolfe (injured)
Wednesday Practice Notes: He started off quite well and showed a tremendous burst to and through the hole. Clayton also did a nice job in one-on-one drills against linebackers when asked to catch the ball. In team drills, he had a few good runs including one around end. His negatives were that he fumbled on a run and dropped a pass or two in team drills. Although this was his only true practice, he certainly has helped himself.
Thursday Practice Notes: While he ran well inside and was able to break with the ball outside, Clayton still dropped too many passes. He tried to get down field at times before securing the football.
Analysis: He only practiced two days but had a solid showing running the football with speed and power. Clayton did a good job of running with patience then was able to hit the hole for some big runs. He did drop too many passes out of the backfield as it looked like he was trying to get up field before securing the football.
Brian Leonard/Rutgers Ht: 6010  Wt:  224
30 1/4  Hand:  9 3/8
Monday Practice Notes: He clearly will need to put on weight if he's going to fullback at the next level. He ran fairly well during the practice session and was able to find some running room.
Tuesday Practice Notes: A hybrid running back and fullback, that question mark could hurt him in the draft unless a team feels he can fit their philosophy. Needs to add weight, especially in his upperbody, to be a good blocking fullback. Best with the ball in his hands, can actually move very well for his size. Great awareness without the ball, can pass block well, has natural hands catching the ball, and runs well behind his pads up the middle. Changes direction better than expected. Best system would be as a running fullback or power singleback set.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Used at both lead fullback and running back.
Thursday Practice Notes: He showed to have soft hands in most drills which has been the case most of the week. Leonard, for a player of his size, runs with vision. He still needs to put on 15-20 pounds if he wants to make it at the next level.
Analysis: He clearly needs to put on at least 10 pounds of muscle but Leonard had a solid showing all week for scouts. Leonard did a nice job of running inside and also catching the ball out of the backfield.
Scott Chandler/Iowa Ht: 6065  Wt:  268
34  Hand:  9 3/4 
Monday Practice Notes: He showed to have average speed and was slow at times out of his breaks. He did catch mostly all passes thrown his way.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Caught the ball very well today even making some difficult receptions with defenders draped on him. Gave effort blocking but his lack of strength is apparent as is his overall lack of speed and quickness.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Caught the ball well and improved as a blocker. Blocks with solid fundamentals and gives a lot of effort. Still lacks true strength at the point but that should come in time.
Analysis: Did a better than expected job as both a blocker and pass catcher. Solidified himself as a first day pick and could rise with good 40-times.
Clark Harris/Rutgers Ht: 6053  Wt:  257
32  Hand:  9 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: He did a good job getting down the middle on a few plays and showed to have good hands. He's just a tad too slow.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Will be leaving after suffering with turf toe. His replacement will be Ben Patrick of Delaware.
Ben Patrick/Delaware Filled in for Clark Harris (injured)
Wednesday Practice Notes: Looked effective catching the ball all day. Fell asleep at one point and waited for the ball to get to him instead going to get it and the pass was picked off. Showed decent route running skills as well.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis: Distinguished himself as a very good pass catcher and solid position blocker.
Aundrae Allison/East Carolina Ht: 6001  Wt:  197
32  Hand:  8 7/8
Monday Practice Notes: He did a decent job of getting in and out of his breaks and had a better than average showing.
Tuesday Practice Notes: He has quick feet, great acceleration and stellar field awareness. He runs crisp routes but lacks deep speed.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Has terrific quickness and excellent body control. He runs precise routes, is always aware of his placement on the field and is capable of making spectacular catches. He struggles to create separation downfield and is far less effective in the red zone.
Thursday Practice Notes: Consistently made a lot of nice catches today, especially in the deep field.
Analysis: An exciting prospect with great quickness. He runs his routes crisply and sells them well to defender. His footwork and hands are both superb and he has the ability to make difficult catches effortlessly. He shows suddenness and acceleration but lacks deep speed.
David Clowney/Virginia Tech Ht: 6003  Wt:  184
31  Hand:  10 1/8
Monday Practice Notes: While he didn't have a problem getting open, Clowney had at least five drops during the practice session. Two of them were without anyone covering him and he showed to have a lack of concentration. He did show that he has good speed and he was able to get off of the line well.
Tuesday Practice Notes: He has quick feet, runs precise routes and consistently creates separation. He has great acceleration but needs to work on his hands. He tends to catch the ball with his body and needs to do a better job protecting it after the catch.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He shows excellent footwork and knows how to beat a jam at the line of scrimmage. He has excellent speed and acceleration and creates ample separation on a regular basis. He is terrific in the red zone as well, but he must be more consistent catching the ball. Showed a lot of improvement today.
Thursday Practice Notes: Another inconsistent day. Made some nice catches yet also has some untimely drops.
Analysis: A speed demon who is nearly impossible to stay with downfield. He is able to make his breaks without losing much in transition. He is willing to fight for passes and can make some spectacular grabs, but his hands are highly questionable and he prefers body-catching the ball.
Jason Hill/Washington St. Ht: 6004  Wt:  204
32 Hand:  9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: He was one of the better receivers on the day and did a good job of getting open and running after the catch.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Has some deep speed and can catch the ball over his shoulder, although he does best on underneath routes. He tends to round off his routes and catch the ball with his body.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He is quick off the line of scrimmage and is a long-strider with deceptive seed. He is sure handed, locates the ball quickly and will fight for it once it's in the air. Needs to improve his consistency and run more precise routes.
Thursday Practice Notes: Ran good routes and caught the ball well.
Analysis: A long-strider with deceptive speed, Hill can make plays downfield and will attack the ball at its highest point. He shows good hands and excellent awareness of his placement on the field, but tends to round off his routes and lack suddenness.
Rhema McKnight/Notre Dame Ht: 6007  Wt:  207
32 1/4  Hand:  10
Monday Practice Notes: The coaches were working with him about improving his route running and he seems to improve in that area as the session went along. He did a decent job of catching the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Will make some incredible catches but will drop some easy ones, too. He is quick off the line, competes for every ball thrown his way and catches the ball well over his shoulder.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Does a nice job beating the jam at the line of scrimmage and makes himself available to his quarterback once downfield. He tends to round off his routes and too often lets the ball into his body, but will fight for any pass thrown in his direction.
Thursday Practice Notes: Best practice of the week. Made a lot of difficult receptions all session. Got verticle and contorted over McCauley coming away with a great deep catch.
Analysis: A nice sized target who fails to distinguish himself due to a lack of big plays. He is a fluid player who catches the ball very naturally, but he lacks the burst to create separation. He is a hard worker and will fight for the ball against tight coverage.
Brandon Myles/West Virginia Ht: 6007  Wt:  183
33 1/2  Hand:  8 1/8
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes: Has excellent hands and will snag anything within his wheelhouse. He gets his head around quickly but needs to be quicker coming out of his breaks.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Has terrific hands, body control and awareness of his placement on the field. He shows quick feet and is fast coming in and out of his breaks. He does a nice job of making himself available to his quarterback and is very effective in the red zone.
Thursday Practice Notes: Consistent all day showing soft hands. Did have one bad drop on the best deep ball thrown by Troy Smith all week.
Analysis: Has incredible hands and will catch anything near him. He runs sharp routes and knows when to come back to his quarterback. He is terrific in the red zone and is always aware of his placement on the field. He is consistent and shows great confidence.
Paul Williams/Fresno St. Ht: 6010  Wt:  200
35  Hand: 10 1/4
Monday Practice Notes: He had issues getting out of his breaks but he did do a good job of catching the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: A long-strider with deceptive speed, he does a good job tracking deep passes. He runs crisp routes but fails to consistently create separation.
Wednesday Practice Notes: He has smooth hips and utilizes his admirable stop-and-go speed to sell his routes well. He works to make himself available to his quarterback and will fight for the ball once it's in the air. A physical player, he gives smaller defenders fits.
Thursday Practice Notes: Inconsistent catching the ball. Very "herky-jerky" in his motion.
Analysis: He has smooth hips and utilizes his stop-and-go speed to sell his routes well. A physical player, he gives smaller defenders fits. He works to make himself available to his quarterback and he will fight for the ball once it's in the air.
Levi Brown/Penn State Ht: 6053  Wt:  323
34 1/2  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Great feet and pretty agile, moves like a player closer to 300 pounds. Can get to be off-balanced against inside moves and slants.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Better feet than expected. Slid well in pass protection and was able to move well enough to ward off all the North's pass rushers. Lacked any type of punch in pass blocking, and his hand play overall was awful. Definitely flashed the talent which would make some scouts think highly of him.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Starting to beat a dead horse here, but Levi really needs to work on his handplay. It is a problem not only in his pass set but in his running blocking as well. One particular play he was driven back because he did not shoot his hands, could not anchor once the defender got into his body, and was beat. While his hands are a question mark at this point in the week, his feet are very good. Once again showed the ability to slide well, keep his shoulders in proper position, and mirror in pass protection.
Thursday Practice Notes: The ability to slide well in his pass set has been a constant all week. Even shows very good patience on the island and does not get in a hurry to engage a defender if it will throw him off balance.
Analysis: Entering this week as a probable late first rounder, Brown did nothing to hurt his overall standing. Overall technique was the issue all week but the talent was apparent. Technique can be coached up, yet the athleticism and quick feet to slide well in pass protection for potential left tackles cannot.
Ryan Harris/Notre Dame Ht: 6046  Wt:  299
33 3/4  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Excellent leverage player, plays low in run blocking which can get him overextended. Very strong hands, nimble feet, could be a tackle or guard in NFL.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Technically sound in regards to his initial steps and hand play, but from there everything tends to break down. His stance is a pet peeve simply because he angles himself even before the snap and thus tends to turn his shoulders a little early. If he hits his punch in pass protection then he was fine today, but if he did not; then showed no recovery ability. Saw action at both tackle spots.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Very solid morning playing both right and left tackle. Again, technically he performed very well especially in his pass sets. Showed very nice positioning all day in regards to the passing game and was very strong to his post leg. Much better day today and did not get beat often.
Thursday Practice Notes: Really struggled at points today. His pass blocking was subpar and even caught the wrath of Coach Gruden being beaten clean in the team session. Simply had trouble working against the speed rushers.
Analysis: Rollercoaster performance has hurt his stock. It is obvious Harris was coached well at Notre Dame and overall technique will not be an issue at the next level. Athletically he is certainly going to struggle against top professional defensive linemen. A left tackle in college, Harris will likely find his place in the NFL as a right tackle, or even guard.
Marshall Yanda/OL Ht: 6037  Wt:  304
32 1/4  Hand:  9 3/4
Monday Practice Notes: Plays well within his body and balanced off the ball. Excellent against speed and technique, but power rushers can overpower when he plays too tall.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Well coached in his fundamentals but plays stiff and as a result tends to get too high. Does a nice job especially in pass protecting keeping his back flat, shooting the hands, and getting a nice fit. Playing right tackle for the first unit, and playing some guard with the second unit.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Very nice day overall, arguably the best of the unit. Again, received reps as both a guard and right tackle. Though limited athletically, his fundamentals continue to shine at times especially in his pass sets. Had the block of the day when he drove a linebacker fifteen to twenty yards downfield to spring the running back for a big gain during the inside drill.
Thursday Practice Notes: Continues to play very well technically but is a bit stiff in the hips overall. Today maintaining his blocks quite well in pass blocking and was never beat clean. As a right tackle most of the day, Yanda did receiver a handful of reps as a guard in one on one drills.
Analysis: This versatile lineman was rock solid all week. Among the North unit, Yanda was the most consistent throughout practice. Physically he has some limitations; plays a little stiff and high at times. Overall though he was clearly the most technically sound prospect here in Mobile. The question becomes whether he is a tackle or guard at the next level. Odds are he will be a guard.
Josh Beekman/Boston College Ht: 6016  Wt:  315
31 1/2  Hand:  9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: Very active on play side especially with double-teams. Good hand technique, but obviously learning the playbook still. Loves to get to the second level.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Saw reps at both center and left guard. Beekman showed tendencies to be overaggressive all day. In regards to his run blocking this is a positive as he finishes his blocks with a nasty demeanor. Pass protection though, his lack of patience forced him to be beat clean a couple times. The area he suffered most this morning was not being able to hold blocks after initial contact. Also his second level movement and angles was a bit suspect today.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Overall inconsistent day. While run blocking especially struggled in his recognition passing defenders off with his follow lineman. This is something which can become better with regular line continuity; but it would be nice to see better overall timing on these blocks from this talented player. Pass protection was better today but still needs to bring his hip underneath himself. Initial contact and pass set are good, but will lose defenders after the try to make countermoves.
Thursday Practice Notes: Primarily received reps at guard, but did see some action at center. Better today getting to the second level. Beekman's lateral movement was in question today especially with the pads off and technique being the main issue of the day.
Analysis: Beekman really had the opportunity to set himself apart as one of the top interior blockers this week and it just did not happen. Inconsistency in both his run and pass blocking haunted the guard/center prospect. His aggressiveness and strength are areas which will help him excel at the next level, but will take time developing at the next level due to technique issues.
Doug Datish/Ohio State Ht: 6037  Wt:  302
32 1/2  Hand:  9 1/8
Monday Practice Notes: Ground it out all day, but seemed a step slow compared to other players. Had a great fire burning and looked better in team action than one-on-ones.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Started out the day ay guard and eventually got some reps at center. Datish is technically sound in regards to his hand play and footwork but struggles with staying low. A bit stiff in the hips. This was especially apparent when asked to pull and he was much too high trying to find defenders at the second level.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Still receiving reps as both a guard and center. While runblocking he took nice angles to the second level and cutting off backside defenders. Continues to hold his blocks. Struggled a bit with his lateral quickness and not sinking his hips in his pass set.
Thursday Practice Notes: Throughout practice, Datish displayed a strong punch and nice overall hand play. Lateral movement was a bit subpar and needed to display a stronger post leg in pass protection. Predominantly a guard today, as has been the case all week. Did an especially nice job getting to the second level.
Analysis: After a poor national championship performance, Datish needed this week to really establish himself as one of the top center prospects. If not for the excellent play of Ryan Kalil, this might be the case. Unfortunately for Datish he might just be the best of the next wave of pivot prospects. Ironically, most of his time was spent playing guard. While his versatility has always been a plus, his overall play was average at best during the week. A sound interior prospect that will get by on technique and heart more so than overall talent.
James Marten/Boston College Ht: 6073  Wt:  303
34  Hand:  9 5/8
Monday Practice Notes: Played guard and looked way too big to play along the interior, but his footwork was not great for tackle. Beaten several times by bullrushers.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Played predominantly a tackle today, seeing most of his reps at right and a few at left. Marten again showed a nice nasty streak as evidenced by getting in a fight with defensive tackle David Patterson after finishing a block. Marten looked athletically limited and struggled at times when his technique broke down: hands too wide, lunging, timing. But when he was able to get a nice fit on a defender, he got nice extension and able to ride them out.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Continued to play both tackle spots. Was more sound in his overall technique than the previous day. The one area of improvement seen from yesterday to today especially was his ability to reposition himself after initial contact in his pass sets and defenders attempted a countermove.
Thursday Practice Notes: Everything started out nice and then fell apart for Marten on most of his blocks. This was a result of lunging at points, bending at the waist, and lack of strength to his post leg. Makes nice initial contact, but tends to lose most battles from that point.
Analysis: Improved as the week progressed and showed he was open and receptive to professional coaching. Marten had a solid overall week and could have helped his draft status even as an athletically limited right tackle prospect. Possesses the size and nasty streak to possibly start at the next level if put in the right system.
Dan Mozes/West Virginia Ht: 6023  Wt:  300
31 1/2  Hand:  10
Monday Practice Notes: Battles off the ball with big, strong hands. Sets up very well after the snap, and can be a primary blocker with his speed. Did have trouble with DTs swimming over him.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Mozes was unfortunately the first lineman whom got thrown around like a rag doll on a couple of occasions. He was not strong at the point today and could not hold his ground very well. One of his problems as seen is his inability to shoot his hands which does not help his situation. Not only played his traditional center spot, but some action at guard this morning.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Physically is just overwhelmed at times throughout the practice. Completely lacks strength at the point of attack. This is a result of not shooting his hands quick enough and letting defenders in his body as well as playing too high at times. Does move nice laterally down the line and in space to counter his weaknesses in other areas.
Thursday Practice Notes: Working in as both a center and guard. Mozes still struggles in the box, but excels working out in space as was evidenced by getting out quite nicely on a few screens today.
Analysis: The years of playing in West Virginia's spread offense was apparent. The Rimington award winner really struggled with stronger defensive line prospects throughout the week, but excelled when on the move and out in space. Another highly thought of collegiate center prospect that will likely slide quite a bit once the draft does roll around.
Manny Ramirez/Texas Tech Ht: 6027  Wt:  335
32  Hand:  10 1/2
Monday Practice Notes: Let a defensive players get inside his body and control him along the line, but settled down and did well blocking on pulls and traps.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Very slow off the snap. Makes up for his lack of explosion by being strong as a bull. But like most brute strong athletically limited guard prospects, Ramirez has a tendency to try and overpower all his opponents and usually ends up in wrestling matches. Especially when you consider he does not get any extension in his follow through.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Big, physical, straight ahead drive blocker. Would excel in this area even more if he were to just get his hands inside and use his strength. Even showed some ability today to get to the second level when uncovered. Did have his helmet popped off by a linebacker who got underneath Ramirez's chin at one point.
Thursday Practice Notes: Technically Ramirez really worked hard this morning and played with a nice base and good knee bend. Takes bad angles to the second level and generally in space again. Does possess a very nice initial punch though.
Analysis: The *other* Manny Ramirez. As an offensive line prospect and based off his abilities, this Ramirez would certainly fill the bill being nicknamed "ManRam". A straight ahead drive blocker who can maul some defenders at the point of attack. Ramirez is a small area blocker who can be a good prospect for the next level if surrounded by good talent and being in the right system.
Samson Satele/Hawaii Ht: 6022  Wt:  294
31 3/4  Hand:  10
Monday Practice Notes: Does not have the look of a great lineman, but he will block with the best of these guys. Tags well on seals, has great hand placement, and good footwork. Very well coached.
Tuesday Practice Notes: The question as to whether this Hawaii prospect can run block or not coming out of that system has yet to be answered. Overall run blocking today was subpar. In pass protection, Satele overset on multiple occasions giving up his inside to interior pass rushers. Also saw action as both a center and guard.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Continues to show overall athletic by coming off the ball quick and hard, but struggles after making initial contact. Looked to wall off more than drive opponents off the ball today. One area of inconsistency this morning was Satele's timing on his punch.
Thursday Practice Notes: When the pads came off today, Satele appeared undersized when compared to the rest of his unit. Had the opportunity to pull from the pivot and did so rather well. Does need to work on driving his feet instead of walling off if he is to ever become a better run blocker.
Analysis: Proved to be a project for the next level. Physically Satele needs to put on mass and improve strength in the weight room. Fundamentally coming out of Hawaii's Run N Shoot offense; Satele is a subpar runblocker at best. Athletically Satele is very talented but will take some time to ever become a starter at the next level.
Nick Leeson/LS/Virginia Tech Ht: 6014  Wt:  258
31 1/4  Hand:  9 1/2
Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:

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