Tony Dungy on Sirius NFL Radio

Colts head coach Tony Dungy was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio this week and talked about the AFC Championship Game, the upcoming Super Bowl and former Steelers head coach Chuck Noll.

Hosts Bob Papa and Randy Cross congratulated Indianapolis head coach Tony Dungy for his team's victory over the Patriots during an interview this week on Sirius NFL Radio's "Movin' The Chains."

Dungy talked about the Colts' exciting comeback against the Patriots, what gave his team an emotional lift at halftime, and what he called a "huge mistake" by the Patriots that was a key to winning the game.

After the Colts won the AFC Championship, Dungy said he couldn't help but think about the many great people he had learned important lessons from over the years during his NFL career, including Chuck Noll of the Steelers, his first NFL head coach when he broke into the league as a player.

"My thoughts went back to my first day in professional football coming into minicamp and the things he taught us about being a champion; about maintaining your focus and not getting caught up in distractions, that you have a job to do. And if you get enough guys to do their job, you're going to be a good football team."

Find out what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said to Dungy after the game, why the Colts head coach was especially happy for Peyton Manning, and much more in this 10-minute interview clip, compliments of Sirius NFL Radio!

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