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February 2, 2007 ... Will McNabb and Strahan be ready for the 2007 season? ... Super Bowl predictions and analysis ... NFL prospect and free agent interviews ... Joe Theismann Q&A ... San Diego's scouting receivers ... retirement news and another mock draft all in today's NFL Blog!

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"You can be successful and still take good care of your players, still try to build them and make that the most important thing, not to make winning the most important thing, and do it that way. So if people are getting that message, I think it's great." -- Colts head coach Tony Dungy this week on his coaching style. Read highlights from his Thursday Super Bowl Press Conference at our Indianapolis site

Q&A: subscribers can find out what former Redskins QB Joe Theismann thinks about the team's current QB, Jason Campbell in a Q&A feature at our Washington site. Theismann also weighs in on other Redskins players and what he thinks the future looks like for the team. Don't miss it!

All is well: 
That's the word from Eagles QB Donovan McNabb according to a report at our Philadelphia site. "We're continuing to do positive things, strengthening the leg, working on balance and things of that nature. We're right on course with that," McNabb says. Get the full scoop here.

NFL prospect spotlight: 
Is your favorite team going to be in the market this offseason for a running back? Well then, be sure to check out this Draft Profile on Fresno State's Dwayne Wright. And if you're a subscriber, you can also find out which teams are showing some early interest in the talented back in Denis Savage's exclusive interview with Wright.

Vikings LB Napoleon Harris (Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
Strong market for free agent LBs: In this report from our Vikings site, they tell us that free agent linebackers like Minnesota's Napoleon Harris are likely to be in high demand this March. If your team has some decent linebackers hitting free agency, find out why you should be concerned about their odds of returning next year in this report.

A "Super" restricted free agent:  Colts tight end Ben Utecht will be a restricted free agent that should draw some attention this March following his Super Bowl appearance. Utecht was originally an undrafted free agent, so if the Colts want to stifle his movement they'll have to offer at least a mid-range tender. subscribers can enjoy this exclusive interview where Utecht talks about the AFC Championship game victory, this weekend's Super Bowl, and teammate Dallas Clark.

Riding off into the sunset:  Our Steelers site is reporting that Pro Bowl center Jeff Hartings is retiring after 11 NFL seasons. Learn more about this news and how it impacts the team at our Pittsburgh site.

QB concerns:  Aaron Wilson at our Ravens site reports that, "The Baltimore Ravens are aware that they're approaching another perplexing quarterback crossroads. Not tomorrow, not next week, and perhaps not even until next year, the Ravens are going to have to formulate and execute a contingency plan for who will eventually succeed veteran Steve McNair." subscribers can take a look at his analysis of the situation, including who they could bring in via the draft of free agency, in this feature at our Ravens site. 

Giants DE Michael Strahan (Getty Images/Nick Laham)
Strahan returning:  Our Giants site is reporting that DE Michael Strahan "who missed most of the second half of the season with a sprained foot and a stretched Lis Franc ligament, is planning on returning. He is going to be 35 and is currently tied with former LB Lawrence Taylor for team career sacks with 132.5." To get the full update on the state of the Giants, take a look at their Inside Slant feature.

Mock Draft:  John Holler at our Vikings site has put together his first version of his 2007 Mock Draft, projecting the first round's picks. Take a look at who he thinks your favorite team will pick, and then post a link to it on your favorite team's message board to get some debate going.

Behind enemy lines:  John Crist and Todd Taylor from our Bears and Colts site put together a great feature that tells you what situations would likely trigger a Colts win versus a Bears win. And they also provide their game predictions. subscribers can check it out at our Chicago site.

What happened?  Robert Gilbert at our Carolina site takes a look at the Panthers' disappointing season and provides his analysis of why the team fell way short of expectations. "After the first twelve games of the season, Carolina was 6-6. The problem? They had been leading in the 4th quarter eleven of those twelve games. The end result? Carolina could not or would not finish teams off," he says. Check out his full analysis here.

Scouting receivers:  Denis Savage at our Chargers site reports that the team was checking out wide receivers in Mobile during Senior Bowl week. "No Chargers need is more pronounced than that at wide receiver," he says. "Incumbent starters Keenan McCardell and Eric Parker failed to register a touchdown reception in 2006 and the production behind them was inconsistent." subscribers can find out which prospects caught the eye of the Chargers' scouts in this report.

Today's Birthday Bunch: Packers WR Donald Driver (32), Bills DB Jabari Greer (25), Chiefs CB Marcus Maxey (24), Chargers LB Matt Wilhelm (26), former Colts/Bucs TE Ken Dilger (36), former Redskins/Cardinals/Bucs DE Dexter Manley (48)

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