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February 19th ... Free agency analysis of the top outside linebackers and safeties ... Gearing up for the Combine ... A new head coach in San Diego ... Re-sign or Release? ... Q&A features ... and much more in today's NFL Blog!

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Free agent analysis:  Tim Yotter at our Vikings site provides his take on some of the top outside linebackers that should be available through free agency, including the Colts' Cato June. "In the last three seasons, he has 248 tackles and 10 interceptions," he says. "The Colts are going to be hard-pressed to re-sign their top free agents, with June, Dominic Rhodes and Dwight Freeney among them and less than $1 million in cap room." subscribers can read the rest of his analysis at our Minnesota site.

Gearing up for the Combine:  TFY Draft Preview says "Scouts feel as a whole just about all of the Wolverines in this year's draft are presently graded too high. The Michigan prospects all have a lot hanging in the balance at the Combine and recent word is some of them have not been doing well." Get the details on that story and more insider news from the Combine in this subscribers feature.

The scoop: Our San Diego site is reporting that Norv Turner will be the new head coach of the Chargers. Click here for more details.

Bears DT Ian Scott (Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
Blurry Future:  Bears DT Ian Scott will be an unrestricted free agent in March, and teams in need of a run-stuffer could be very interested in signing him. But will Chicago make a move to keep him before then? "A fourth-round selection in the 2003 NFL Draft out of Florida, Scott is another in a long line of capable defenders discovered by GM Jerry Angelo at a bargain price," says John Crist at our Chicago site. "He was on the books for just $500,000 this past season, but he is now an unrestricted free agent and will assuredly receive a nice bump in pay." Find out more about Scott and his status with the Bears in this subscribers article.

His stock is up: 
The Eagles signed LB Shawn Barber to a one-year deal last year even though he was coming off of injuries, and the gamble paid off for everyone involved as he was the team's top coverage LB in 2006. "...Barber has said he feels at home in Philadelphia and enjoys being a part of the Eagles franchise," says Chuck Hixson at our Philadelphia site. Learn more about whether or not Barber is likely to be available for your favorite team in this subscribers feature.

Inside the locker room:  Colts offensive lineman Dylan Gandy shared with what it was like a few minutes before game time in the locker room at the Super Bowl. "Guys were pretty loose, the O-line tends to be pretty loose before the game as a whole and the guys stayed that way," he said. "And the guys who get quiet and focused they did that. I thought it was pretty cool how everybody did what they normally do." subscribers can enjoy this glimpse into the Super Bowl experience from the perspective of someone who lived it in this exclusive Q&A feature.

A fork in the road:  Scott Knudsen at our Dallas site provides his commentary on the state of the Cowboys in light of the recent hiring of Wade Phillips as head coach. "The one depicter of the Wade Phillips' hiring resonating throughout the Cowboys Nation is 'underwhelming,'" he says. But that's not to say that Knudsen isn't hopeful based on what he's seen so far. "Wade Phillips, you're in charge of burial rights. Throw some soil on that box known as the last four years and bring some hope to a teetering franchise," he says. Read his entire commentary at our Dallas site.

Steelers RT Max Starks (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Keep or kick?  At our Steelers site, Dale Lolley continues his "Keep or Kick to the Curb" feature with his analysis of right tackle Max Starks. "The only starter from this year's team who is eligible to be a free agent, Starks could be someone opposing teams target among Steelers players," he says. subscribers can find out if Pittsburgh will likely tender him high enough to limit his chances of moving, or if Starks might be available to fill a hole on the offensive line of another team.

Today's Birthday Bunch:  Giants DT Barry Cofield (23), Packers FB William Henderson (36), Steelers DB Chidi Iwuoma (29), Panthers TE Jeff King (24), Broncos WR David Kircus (27), Raiders LB Kirk Morrison (25)

He's a bruiser:  Virginia's Jason Snelling has played fullback and tailback during his college career. The 230-pound runner will be at the Combine this week, but took a few moments for an exclusive interview with For some background on him, click here to read our Draft Snapshot feature. And if you're a subscriber, you can enjoy our exclusive Q&A with Jason as well.

Top safeties:  At our Green Bay site, Todd Korth takes a look at this year's free agents at the safety position and provides his analysis on the best of the bunch. subscribers can check it out at our Packers site.

Re-sign or release?  Dolphins running back Travis Minor will be a an unrestricted free agent who has some real talent for special teams work and as a role player on third-down. A former third-round pick, Minor's an unrestricted free agent who could land with your favorite team. subscribers can read Alain Poupart's analysis of Minor's likely future at our Miami site.

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