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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. -- Our team of roughly a dozen NFL writers and experts share their media room news and notes with you so you can find out what's happening off-camera. Check back throughout the day to find out what they're seeing and hearing in the media room that could impact your favorite team's draft plans!

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  • 12:00 P.M.: Mike Tomlin:

    -- Doesn't put much emphasis on the Wonderlic test, but does use the score to judge a player's "body of work."

    -- Admitted the team is looking at ways to expand the amount of money it has under the salary cap, but said no decision has been made on the $1 million roster bonus due the declining Joey Porter in early March.

    -- Offered advice for new Minnesota DC Leslie Frazier, but doubts he'll need.

    -- Explained "the drudgery" Ben Roethlisberger will need to endure to become the elite quarterback he should become.

    -- Didn't explain the new scheme -- the "3-3" -- he said the Steelers might use, but did say it'll be some type of amalgamation of a 3-4 and 4-3, and also joked that his lack of a track record should keep everyone guessing on draft day.

    12:05 P.M.: UCLA Kicker Justin Medlock

    -- He prepared for the Combine using Arena Football uprights which are about 3 yards tighter on each side. The L.A. Avengers practice at West Los Angeles Community College.

    -- Feels kickoffs will be the most important skill for him to display because his results in that area dropped off a bit his senior year. He had an ankle injury he was coming back from (plant foot) while running stairs for conditioning at UCLA.

    -- Doesn't feel that he will have any problem kicking in cold weather climates after kicking at UCLA. He played games in in the Northwest and was successful.

    -- He hasn't done any prep for interviews, just continued his usual kicking routine.

    -- His career long is 52 yards.

    -- Never played any other football position. His background is in soccer.

    -- Talked about his DUI incident in 2005 that was described as a hit and run in the papers. It was a single car accident and he walked to a gas station to get help, so the incident was originally portrayed worse in the media. Did community service work and talked to his teammates about the incident so they could learn from his mistake. While he regrets it deeply, he learned from the experience.

    1:05 P.M.: Colorado kicker Mason Crosby

    -- Always looking to improve - has been focusing specifically on onside kicks in the past few weeks.

    -- Confident at any distance - has kicked 70 yard field goals in practice.

    -- Not concerned about the altitude affecting the distance of his kicks. Made 5 field goals of 50+ yards last season, only one of which was in Colorado.

    -- Hopeful that he'll get drafted in the first day. Has extensive knowledge of kickers taken in other drafts in the 1st day (specifically mentioned Kaeding, Jankowski, Nugent). Matt Stover has been a mentor for him. Both are from the Austin, TX area.

    -- Stayed for senior year and graduated with Communications degree.

    -- Likes the pressure of clutch kicks - very successful in 4th quarter - even since high school.

    -- Had an 87-yard kickoff vs. Iowa State last season.

    -- Measured in at 6-foot-1 3/8 inches tall and weighed 212 pounds.

    12:20 P.M.: Ohio State WR Ted Ginn

    -- Ginn talked about his ankle injury that he suffered in the National Championship game. Ginn said he was hurt during the celebration, he noted that he wasn't celebrating so much as it was a team thing. He believed that Rory Nichol slipped as he grabbed Ginn causing his weight to come down on Gionn and Ginn's ankle bent back awkwardly.

    -- Ginn informed the media that some of the teams have been speaking to him about playing cornerback. Ginn admits he has missed playing the position.

    -- Ginn talked about his family and the community of Cleveland and how they have impacted his life. He believes that none of this would be possible without them.

    -- Ginn feels Devin Hester and his success has helped raise his value. Ginn admits to looking at Hester and feeling that he will be capable of some of the same things.

    1:50 P.M.: Notre Dame OL Ryan Harris -- Weighed in at 6-foot-4, 305 pounds.

    -- Played three seasons at left tackle and one at right tackle.

    -- Said playing in Charlie Weiss's system should be an advantage. Has started every game in college.

    -- Said his strongest competition in college was Mathias Kiwanuka and Anthony Spencer.

    -- Had back surgery on July 27 and played six weeks later.

    -- Converted to Islam as an eighth-grader and went to a Catholic high school (Cretin Derham Hall) and college (Notre Dame) and is the only Muslim in his family.

    -- Extremely interested in politics and would like to be the governor of Minnesota.

    2:15 P.M.: Northern Illinois OL Doug Free

    -- Recruited by Wisconsin and other schools, but no one offered him a scholarship. He was about 240 pounds back then and no one knew what position he'd play.

    -- Started every game at NIU.

    -- Played through a stress fracture in his foot for last 10 games of last season. It's fine now.

    -- Only played LT since high school.

    -- Almost gave up football to work on a farm and pursue that full time. Worked on farms in one capacity or another from Jr. High through Sophomore year in college.

    -- Dragged tires and sleds at training camp. Won all tire drag/sled drag/strength challenges at NIU every year there.

    HUGE guy. Size 20 ring, giant hands, 6'6 1/2", 324 pounds.

    Confident, collected, well spoken.

    2:40 P.M.: Rutgers OL Cameron Stephenson

    -- Took a year off after high school. Attended junior college after that.

    -- Spent two years at Rutgers. Started at DT. Moved to guard. Played mostly guard through football life and high school.

    -- Worked at FedEx as a Checker/Sorter to raise money for his family before going back to school.

    -- Rutgers was the first school to offer him a scholarship, so he took it. He's from Los Angeles, so that was a weird turn of events.

    -- Cousin played for University of Houston and attended Combine last year. Gave him tips on Psyche Evaluations.

    -- Liked blocking for the two backs at Rutgers. "I know if they do well, they'll buy me dinner."

    -- Measured in at 6'3", 306 pounds.

    2:48 P.M.: Arizona State TE Zach Miller

    -- Weighed in at 6-4 3/8 and 256 pounds.

    -- Conversations with Todd Heap helped his decision to come out, along with a new coaching staff being put in place at ASU.

    -- Said the comparisons to Heap help motivate him.

    -- Nicknamed the "The Truth" by a teammate that said all his recruiting hype was true after he made a one-handed catch in a freshman practice.

    -- Versatility as an H-back and TE should help with his transition to the NFL.

    -- Thinks he's a better blocker than receiver.

    -- Hopes to run a 4.7 in the 40-yard dash.

    -- Said Dallas Clark is a great mold of a well-rounded tight end.

    3:10 P.M.: Georgia TE Martrez Milner.

    -- His coaches say he's a better blocker than receiver.

    -- Says he has to be versatile to make it in the NFL.

    -- Feels he catches the hard throws and drops some easier passes, citing a lack of concentration.

    -- Another former Georgia TE, Ben Watson, who has been known to be inconsistent catching the ball, tells him to just keep working at it.

    -- Also played LB, DE and WR in high school, along with being a power forward in basketball.

    -- Will do a full workout.

    3:15 P.M.: Fresno State OT Chris Denman

    -- Measured in at 6'6" 3/8 – 315 lbs.

    -- Yesterday, as with most players here, was consumed with medical tests and interviews.

    -- Trained at a place called Plex in Houston. Did mock combine training.

    -- Last year's season was tough for him and for Fresno State.

    -- Walk-on at Fresno State because he was to go on a church mission. After playing on a high school all-star game, he decided that football was for now. Had been recruited by several WAC schools – Boise State, Idaho, Col. State, but Fresno was the school who took him on after he changed his mind. Got a full ride after his first quarter.

    --He talks to alum Logan Mankins occasionally.

    -- He was a redshirt DE, then freshman redshirt at OT. He really liked the position switch.

    -- It's been nice of late, in his eyes, for Fresno State to get recognition at the NFL level – Senior bowl attendance and such.

    3:49 P.M.: Joe Staley, LT, Central Michigan:

    --Trained with Brad Hopkins.

    --Measured 6' 5 7/8", 305 pounds 10 1/4" hands.

    --Pulled hamstring. Won't run 40 or do any drills. Tested it on Tuesday and it didn't feel right. Said he's about 80%.

    --Working out at his Pro Day.

    --Projects himself late 1st round, early 2nd round. Says that he doesn't see a dramatic drop-off between him and the top 2 prospects (Thomas and Brown) because of his athletic ability. Says that all you have to do is watch the film.

    4:40 P.M.: Oklahoma State OT Corey Hilliard -- 6-5, 308, 10.5 hand span.

    -- Will do a full workout.

    -- Played both left and right tackle at Oklahoma State and said his toughest opponent was Adam Carriker because of his speed, strength and tenacity.

    -- Believes scouts appreciate his agility and foot speed and has heard he'll be drafted in the fifth round.

    4:45 P.M. Nevado-Reno TE Anthony Pudewell

    -- On what kind of attention he is receiving at the Combine:

    "Yesterday I had conversations with about 15 different teams, and no scheduled interviews yet. So nothing specific."

    -- On which NFL tight end he likes to watch: "I like to pattern my game after Jeremy Shockey. He's a good blocker, and he's pretty fiery out there. You see him yelling at everybody. He can also catch the ball obviously. He's got great hands."

    -- On what his Combine experience has been like so far:

    "It's been quite an experience. You come in as a little freshman in college and never think you're going to be here. You just work your tail off every day. It's pretty stressful, but you kind of enjoy it. Not everyone can be here, and a lot of people deserve it."

    4:48 P.M.: Iowa TE Scott Chandler

    -- Measured in at 6-foot-7, 270 pounds.

    -- Weighed 215 pounds as a high school wide receiver, 225 as a freshman wide receiver, then 235, 250 and 262 as a tight end.

    -- Will do a full workout.

    -- Says he is progressing as a blocker and the Senior Bowl was his best blocking performance.

    -- Ran a 4.75-4.76 at his junior pro day.

    4:50 P.M.: Miami TE Greg Olsen

    -- Measured 6-foot-5 7/8 and 254 pounds.

    -- Was a long snapper as a freshman.

    -- Originally signed with Notre Dame, then transferred to Miami when his brother left Notre Dame.

    -- Thinks a well-rounded tight end has the most value in the NFL.

    -- Says he's "adequate" at blocking.

    -- Already has his degree in criminology and political science, which was part of his decision to come out as junior.

    -- Says he's not as emotional as former Hurricane Jeremy Shockey.

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