Combine Q&A: Dan Mozes

Dan Mozes has heard people question his size, but one thing no one will ever question his heart or his ability. Mozes addressed the size questions along with many others at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

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  • Question: Do you have any injury history?

    Mozes: I suffered as knee sprain during my junior year, I came back right before the next game.

    Question: Your weren't really that heavily recruited coming out of high school because people said you were too small. How did you feel about that? Mozes: I guess I'm representing all the little people out there. I didn't get recruited by a lot of schools and it's the same here, people in the NFL think I'm too small, but I found a home in West Virginia and I'll find one here as well.

    Question: Did Pittsburgh recruit you and did you want them to recruit you?

    Mozes: Yes, I wanted them to recruit me and they did a little bit, but never offered me. I went down to West Virginia and fell in love with it.

    Question: Did them (Pitt) not recruiting you put a chip on your shoulder?

    Mozes: Yes, it did, but it was more when I was a freshmen and wasn't mature. West Virginia was my choice and it all worked out. It's ok now, I have gotten to know guys like Tyler Palko and H.B. Blades and they are really good guys. You get to know those guys at the Senior Bowl and here and you develop friendships.

    Question: How instrumental was coach (Rick) Trickett in your development and how big a role did he play in you getting where you are?

    Mozes: He made me who I am. I had the athletic ability, but I knew nothing about technique. I didn't even know the first step to take in a blocking scheme. He came to me and taught me the way. It was difficult when you come out of high school all bright eyed and then you start working with him.

    Question: How big of a loss to the program was Rick Trickett?

    Mozes: It's a big loss. He's going down to Florida State and it seems like they are on their way back with the coaches that they are hiring. Coach Frey steeped in from South Florida and has done a great job. He's going to be a great coach and he has helped me a lot so far.

    Question: Is there a big difference between Coach Frey and Coach Trickett?

    Mozes: I haven't got the chance to play in a game with Frey yet. He is a great guy, but I've only met with him about four or five times. He showed me tape and prepared me for everything going on here. It was nice because he really doesn't even know me, that shows he is just a great human being.

    Question: How was it playing with (Steve) Slaton and (Pat) White?

    Mozes: Those two are two of the most phenomenal athletes in college football. I'm sure there going to be here next year. Well hopefully for West Virginia's sake it's two more years.

    Question: Have you graduated and what was your major?

    Mozes: Yes, I have. I majored in Communications.

    Question: With you being a Washington High guy, what would it mean for you to be able to make that short trip and play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

    Mozes: My mom and dad always hear that, especially now since Jeff Hartings retired. No matter what happens, happens, but the Steelers will always have a special place in my heart.

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