Combine Interview - Georgia Tight End

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. -- Martrez Milner is the No. 5 ranked Tight End in the 2007 NFL Draft on Like all players he has strengths and weaknesses, and he addresses them in this interview from the NFL Combine.

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  • "I did know that one of my weaknesses was catching the ball," said Martrez Milner in an interview at the NFL Combine. "I put a lot of emphasis on it at the end of the season, especially after the Florida game having those missed catches, those drops, in those games. I'm looking forward to showing that I've improved."

    How do you think your blocking is?

    "Of course you always have room for improvement, but coaches at Georgia say I was a better blocker than receiver. That's not something I wanted to hear," Milner added with a laugh. "I wanted the ball in my hands, but they say I'm a good blocker, so hopefully I can keep it up."

    What about playing an H-Back type of position?

    "At Georgia they put me in motion at times and some personnel [packages] to block for the running back. I can do it; I'm up to new things. I can't just be locked on playing tight end. I'm going to have to play special teams as well."

    What do you want an NFL team to know about you while you're here?

    "That I'm a hard worker. Some guys make mistakes, but I've learned through my career at Georgia that every person is going to have their ups and their downs. It's how you respond to adversity that shows your true character. "

    Who are some of the NFL teams that have talked to you and requested interviews for the week?

    "There's been a lot of teams, and I'm afraid I'll leave someone out, but I've talked to the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons. Like I said, I feel like I might forget some; it was quite a few teams. I talked with the Vikings and Panthers too."

    What do scouts tell you about your game and what you need to work on?

    "They ask me sometimes why do I catch the hard ones and drop the easy ones. I tell them that sometimes it was a lack of concentration. Sometimes I try and run before I have the ball. Especially when it's in your breadbasket, that's the easiest one to catch. When the ball is outside your body, you have to use more concentration to catch those balls."

    Have you talked with (former teammate) Ben Watson about the draft process?

    "He said the Senior Bowl was a great accomplishment and I should be proud. He said that scouts had the same questions about him, that he was a great blocker but there were questions about his hands. He told me that I should keep working and never give up on myself and anything is possible."

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