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  • The NFL Scouting Combine has kicked off in Indianapolis and is there in full force with NFL Experts Tom Marino and Adam Caplan, a strong contingency of NFL publishers and a few of our college football experts Bob Lichtenfels, Miller Safrit and Scott Kennedy.

    5:00 p.m.The NFL has concluded with the media session of Day 2 at the combine. Be sure to keep an eye on and the Story Index as we now fill in more detailed reports gathered from the day's events including interviews and analysis from the team at Scout.

    4:59 p.m. More on Brady Quinn of Notre Dame. He measured in at 6-foot-3 ½ and 233 pounds. Called playing for an experienced NFL coach like Charlie Weis a "gift from God" as he goes through his Combine and predraft process. Credited Weis with helping him move on quickly after throwing interceptions.

    "I've been able to prepare for multiple NFL offenses by playing for Weiss and Willingham."

    Quinn found another anamoly amongst draftniks and mock drafts that have said his stock has been on the decline.

    I don't understand how some people can say I'm slipping when I haven't done anything since playing my last game, but yeah being the No. 1 overall pick is a goal of mine. I'd like to play right away in the NFL. Every quarterback wants to step up and play."

    "I'm a big believer in fundamentals. You can never be accurate enough," he said, later adding that he'd tell any NFL general manager that asked why he should be the No. 1 pick that "I'm the most prepared collegiate player in this draft."

    Quinn won't do the physical drills, but came to the Combine to do the medical and mental testing and build relationships.

    4:32 p.m. Northern Illinois RB Garrett Wolfe models himself after another small running back that plays every down - Warrick Dunn. But he wanted everyone at the Combine to know that he still packs a punch. "People are always knocking me and questioning my size, but look at what I have done against teams like Ohio State." He's already had some interest from more teams than he expected (mostly talking to him about returning kicks and creating match-up problems by splitting him wide) but he wants to be an every-down back for an NFL team. Due to a hamstring injury, he won't be running the 40 until his Pro Day workout at Northern Illinois.

    4:19 p.m. Running Back Michael Bush of Louisville lost a lot of his last year to injury. "I feel kind of like the underdog that people forgot about me after my injury. I was up to 261 pounds before my injury, and I'm at 243 right now. My body fat percentage went from 19% to 13%. I feel and look as good as I ever have in my entire life."

    4:18 p.m.Brady Quinn was asked about the biggest obstacle he had overcome in his life? "In my Life? Wow, that's a big question," Quinn said with a laugh. "Let's just keep this to a football sense, and I think the biggest obstacle I overcame was when Coach Willingham left. That was really gut check time. All of the reasons you came to Notre Dame all of a sudden were flushed down the toilet. But I think it showed a lot of leadership that I was able to rally the troops with me and this senior class. We showed a lot of leadership by buying into Coach Weis' system and having two pretty good season." Quinn isn't going to test while he is at the combine, but he may throw.

    4:10 p.m.Offensive Guard Marshal Yanda of Iowa measured 6-3 and 3/8th and just over 300 pounds. A big hit he put on an Iowa State player this year is the stuff of legends, but Yanda downplayed it. "I don't like to make too big a deal of it, because the guy wasn't looking. I like to be physical, but I was kind of nervous when he didn't get up for a while. I like to be physical, but you don't want to hurt anyone."

    4:03 p.m.Offensive Tackle Tony Ugoh of Arkansas was given a hypothetical question to answer. "I'm a general manager, tell me why I should trust you to protect my quarterback." Ugoh answered that actions speak louder than words. "I'm not going to tell you to trust me. I'm going to show you that you can trust me. I'm going to work hard and earn your trust."

    3:59 p.m.Offensive Guard Mansfield Wrotto of Georgia Tech was a starter on the defensive line before he moved to offense. "It was a mutual decision between me and the coaching staff. I was a starter, so it's not like I wasn't playing, but I wanted to get more reps, and I felt more comfortable in our scheme on offense." The move paid off as the Yellow Jacket is now an NFL Combine invite as an offensive lineman.

    3:47 p.m. Connecticut FB Deon Anderson said that he'll do a full workout at the Combine and believes that two things will be a real asset in landing with a pro team. He's played football since he was 8 years old and has only ever missed one game due to an injury. Ironically, it was the last game of his senior year against Louisville after he got a "stinger" the previous week. But he also believes his love for special teams work will standout to pro personnel as he has a love for breaking wedges.

    3:44 p.m. Auburn running back Kenny Irons talks almost as fast as he runs, and he was holding court with the press as he fielded questions. He was asked if Auburn would have been his destination even if his brother David wasn't already there. "Yes, that's where I still would have gone. They were my second choice when I chose South Carolina out of High School. I didn't go there the first time, because they already had Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Brandon Jacobs on the team. I would have competed, but I think I might have gotten lost in the shuffle."

    Irons measured 5-11/203 and has received the most interest from the Green Bay Packers. He met with their staff for "20 to 25 minutes" Thursday night. Irons believes he'll run in the low 4.4s, and he'd better because he has a bet with his brother, CB David Irons, and if he doesn't run a 4.45 he's not allowed back in the house.

    3:33 p.m. Romeo Crennel, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, reiterated a comment made by Tom Coughlin earlier today about having two strong running backs. "I think running backs take the NFL take a pounding, and if you can have two guys back there that can share the load, I think it helps them last the whole year."

    3:16 p.m. Running Back Ken Darby of Alabama expressed disappointment in his senior season based on his health among other things. "Nothing seemed to go right for me last year. I think I came into the season a little overweight and was battling a knee injury. I'm looking forward to showing everyone that I'm the same guy they remembered from years past." It wasn't all negative for Darby though. "I finished as the No. 3 rusher in Alabama History. I wanted No. 1," Darby added with a laugh, "but I'm happy with No. 3. I think my favorite memories at Alabama were my first start against Southern Miss and winning the Cotton Bowl."

    3:11 p.m.Le'Ron McClain of Alabama is arguably the top fullback in the country. He weighed in at 253 pounds. "That's actually up about three pounds from my playing weight. I've put on some muscle," McClain added with a grin. When asked if he had met with the new coaching staff at Alabama yet. "I got to meet with Coach Saban at my senior banquet and talk with him. I also met with some of the position coaches there too. I know they've got them working hard down there. They'll be ready to go.

    3:05 p.m. Dwayne Wright is a running back from Fresno State that compares himself to Frank Gore. "We have a similar running style and he had major knee surgery, too," Wright said. "Him and Willis McGahee have been big inspirations. They faced adversity well. I'm looking to follow in their footsteps." Wright tore his patella tendon two years ago and said every NFL team examined him at least twice. He's received the most interest from the Carolina Panthers; met with Coach John Fox and the full offensive staff Thursday night.

    3:02 p.m.Offensive Guard Tim Duckworth of Auburn played just about every sport in high school, and he joked about his style of playing basketball. "I played baseball, football, track, basketball; I played just about everything in high school. I played center in basketball, and I was the Dennis Rodman on our team," Duckworth said with a laugh. Duckworth measured 6-3 and 304 pounds.

    2:56 p.m.: Running Back Tyrone Moss of Miami measured 5-9 and 231 pounds, and he plans to do a full workout. A knee injury will be closely scrutinized here, but he's confident he's healthy. "I had surgery on it in November of 2005, but I think I tried to rush it. By the middle of the (2006) season, I was ready to go." Moss is getting a lot of comparisons with a former teammate that hit it big this year. "A lot of people compare me to Frank Gore. I have a lot of respect for him and his ability to come back from two ACL surgeries.

    2:54 p.m.:Colts president Bill Polian stated that he was "saddened and troubled" by the recent DUI arrest of upcoming unrestricted free agent RB Dominic Rhodes, but stressed that he doesn't have all the facts yet. He also addressed the recent restructuring of quarterback Peyton Manning's contract that cleared substantial cap space for the team. Polian said that he was a bit surprised by the attention the move drew, because from his point of view it was the "garden variety" of restructuring that the team had planned on since the day the contract was originally signed. He also acknowledged that the team still doesn't have much cap space to work with at this point.

    2:48 p.m.: Kansas Running Back Jon Cornish was asked about having something to prove coming from a traditional basketball school. "Yeah, we always have something to prove. Kansas isn't respected too much as a football school, and I want to change that. I'm the only one here this year, and we had one guy here last year, so we always have something to prove."

    2:45 p.m.: Rutgers fullback Brian Leonard has lost some weight since the Senior Bowl, and he believes that's going to help him. "I've lost 12 pounds since the Senior Bowl, and I think that makes me a more versatile back. I think my style best fits a West Coast offense. I've tried to pattern my game after Roger Craig."

    2:43 p.m. Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy told the media that he expected Brett Favre to be in camp with the Packers doing full workouts. When asked about about pressing needs heading into the draft, McCarthy had a simple answer, "Improvement."

    2:38 p.m.:Penn State running back Tony Hunt said he was motivated during his career with the constant talk of people telling him he was going to split carries despite the success he was having. He also feels his experience at Penn State is going to pay off. "I think that playing in two different styles of offense at Penn State is going to help me on the next level."

    2:36 p.m.: Kody Bliss of Auburn had four punts over 50 yards, with a long of 54 yards.

    Brendan Carney of Syracuse had five punts over 50 yards, with a long of 57 yards and did a solid job in his directional punting.

    Adam Podlesh of Maryland had two punts over 50 yards with a long of 53. He also had the best hang time of the group, with two punts registering over five-second hang times.

    Daniel Sepulveda of Baylor two punts over 50 yards with a long of 56.

    2:35 p.m.Gary Russell, RB, Minnesota measured in at 5-foot-10, 229 pounds Appealed to be reinstated numerous times after being declared academically ineligible at Minnesota, saying it was "me just being lazy" with going to his classes. Considers himself more of a downhill runner like Marion Barber.

    2:29 p.m.: Texas Running Back Selvin Young is ready to work out. "I've put in a lot of time and effort to make sure I'm healthy and ready to go, and I'm ready to work out." He was asked if he had any favorite teams growing up or any kind of preference on where he'd like to play. "I'm a football player man. Just give me a helmet, shoulder pads, and a mouthpiece, and I'm good to go."

    2:26 p.m.: Oklahoma Running Back Adrian Peterson is blessed with great size and speed, and he 6-1.5 and 217 pounds. He was immediately asked about the injuries in his career. "The ankle injury that I had as a sophomore is completely healed, and I played in the bowl game after my collar bone injury. The doctors told me that it would heal on its own and not need any surgery, and once it was healed it would be stronger than before it was broken." Peterson isn't afraid to show what he can do, and he will be competing in all of the drills and tests at the NFL Combine.

    2:20 p.m.: on the lack of speed at Notre Dame. "I don't know if that's really true or not. It's a fast game. When we lost, it wasn't because teams were so much faster than us. We just lost." Walker will participate in full workouts here as well. "I'm here to perform, and I feel that's what I should do. So I'll do everything here."

    2:15 p.m.:Ohio State running back Antonio Pittman weighed in at 207 pounds, and he was proud to have put on the weight. "I think I weighed more than people were expecting, so that's a good thing." When asked if it might sacrifice some of his speed: "No… It was all good weight."

    2:07 p.m.: Cal running back Marshawn Lynch has a lot of versatility, and he's looking forward to showing it off in the NFL. "I like lining up in the slot and set up some one on ones and get into space." The 5-11, 215-pounder expects to run in the 4.3s after being timed at 4.36 on Feb. 7. One of his coaches, upon seeing several mock drafts with Lynch going to Green Bay, told him to ‘get your hat, your gloves and your coat because it's cold up there.' "But that's alright with me," said Lynch. A self-proclaimed momma's boy, Lynch said: "The first thing I'm going to do when I sign my contract is buy her a house, even if it's in Green Bay."

    2:05 p.m.: Florida Running Back Deshawn Wynn took a reduced role on his way to a BCS Championship, and he thinks he's ready for the next level. "I feel like I'm ready for the NFL. I'm ready to get back to a more traditional offense, one that I'm more used to with an I-Formation or something. It was a little frustrating sometimes not getting the ball a lot at Florida, but we were winning, so what do you say?"

    Wynn spoke at length about how important it is for him to prove himself to NFL scouts and make his way on an NFL roster. He wants to prove he's fast enough and that he can run out of standard formations after years of working in "gadget" offenses at Florida. He has the size (5'10 6/10", 232 pounds), he wants to flash his speed and show that he has "a little burst that you're not expecting." He'll be doing a full workout at the combine and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his idol Shaun Alexander, "A guy with some speed that isn't flashy that puts up numbers and wears you down."

    1:59 p.m.: Fresno State Wide Receiver Paul Williams has a brother, J.D. Williams, that played DB for the Buffalo Bills during their Super Bowl seasons and later coached against Paul as a DBs coach at Washington. When Paul was asked if J.D could've covered him, Paul said, "Never. Quote me on that. Never." Checked in at 6-1, 205 and is coming off a workout in which he ran a 4.36 40.

    1:49 p.m.: UTEP WR Johnnie Lee Higgins said that he's hoping to run a 4.1 forty at the Combine. "If I run a 4.1 that would be really great," he said. He said he's run a 4.18 forty at spring training his junior year that was timed electronically. And he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get on the field at the NFL level -- wide receiver, kickoff return or punt return.

    1:45 p.m.:Nebraska running back Brandon Jackson was asked about the bowl game where he had limited time. "It was a little frustrating not being able to play. I wish we could have won that game, but we didn't. It was a great game though, and we had a great season.:

    1:34 p.m.: New Hampshire WR David Ball caught 58 touchdown passes to break the D-1AA career record held by Jerry Rice. Ball went on Rice's radio show after breaking his record and the first question Rice asked was: "Why did you break my record?" Said Ball: He's always been a great competitor and he always will be." Ball checked in at 6-0.7/8, 196 and is hoping to run a Rice-like 4.60 forty.

    1:30 p.m.: South Carolina athlete Syvelle Newton measured in at 6-0 / 218, and after playing several positions in college, there's no doubt where he'll play in the NFL. "I'm here to work out as a receiver. Quarterback was fun while it lasted. I got a chance to play quarterback for Coach Spurrier and Coach Holtz, and it was great. I'm getting compared to guys like Hines Ward and Randel El, and I'm just trying to do what they did."

    1:17 p.m.:Wide Receiver Sidney Rice of South Carolina was asked about the quarterback controversy at South Carolina. He was asked who he preferred between Blake Mitchell and Syvelle Newton. "Neither, I just preferred who threw me the ball," Rice said with a laugh.

    1:15 p.m.:LSU Quarterback JaMarcus Russell could end up being the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Teams are going to have to wait to see him again throw the ball though. He will not be working out at the NFL Combine. He is here for his physicals and interviews only.

    1:15:QB Jeff Rowe said that after receiving offers from Cal and Arizona State, he decided to commit to Nevada-Reno to stay close to home and he thought he fit the system. He's certainly got the measurables (6'5", 226) and says that he can make all the throws (has been practicing the 15 yard out and said he's not going to try throwing a ball through a goal post from his knees). He's looking to prove to NFL scouts that he has the skills and ability to compete at the next level.

    1:08 p.m.: Miami Dolphins General Manager Randy Mueller on re-signing Vonnie Holiday. "Cam and I discussed it, and we both thought our No. 1 priority this year was keeping our defense together. I think Vonnie has some good years left to play, and one day, that signing could be seen as a bargain."

    12:59 p.m.:Quarterback Troy Smith of Ohio State when asked if the season was bittersweet, Smith answered good naturedly. "It wasn't bittersweet, it was sweet. Just because we didn't finish the season the way we wanted to, was no reason to sour on the whole year and what we accomplished.

    12:51 p.m.: Wide Receiver Rhema McKnight of Notre Dame was asked to describe his game a little bit, and he takes pride in doing everything well. "I see myself as a complete receiver. If we need a first down, I can be that guy, and if we need to go downfield, I can do that too. I try and do everything."

    12:50 p.m.: Wide Receiver Courtney Taylor of Auburn is one of the more animated players here, and he was asked if he took pride in having been the only team to beat Florida this year. "Of course. Of Course you take pride in it, but at the same time, they got the title. I'm here with guys like Dallas Baker and I tease them all the time, and they say ‘Yeah, but we got the hardware,' and all I can say is "you're right!'". He said he's receiving real interest from the Browns. He sat down Thursday night with Paul Warfield. "They told me they need a No. 2 guy. Sounds great. I love the opportunity just to play football." Taylor measured in at 6-1.4, 204.

    12:49 p.m.: Tennessee Wide Receiver Robert Meachem is part of a large contingent of Tennessee Wide Receivers here, and he was asked what it meant to have two teammates here. "Me, Brett Smith and Jayson Swain are all here. We want to bring back Wide Receiver U back to Tennessee, and the only way we were going to do that was with hard work and dedication."

    12:44 p.m.:Chris Leak measured in at 5-11 and 7/8th inch. He talked a lot about working with Norv Turner and how Coach Turner really helped him with his confidence and knows he can play in this league. "Height isn't going to be an issue. In my career at Florida, my linemen were between 6-5 and 6-8, and like Coach Turner said, height isn't an issue."

    12:34 p.m. – Tony Dungy – I've tried to flip the switch mentally, but it's hard. We're in a great town here in Indianapolis and a lot of people are still excited about the win, and it makes you excited, but we do have to move on to next year.

    12:26 p.m. Michigan State quarterback Drew Stanton was asked about a disappointing season. "I try and take a positive out of everything. It's how you handle adversity. At the next level you're not always going to be successful, and I think I've become a stronger person because of it." When asked about JaMarcus Russell, Stanton laughed. "I've begged him to stay for one more year. I think he's a great person and he deserves all of the attention he's getting."

    12:24 p.m.: Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herman Edwards talked a little about the NFL Draft process. "You draft guys that play the way you want them to play, and guys that fit your scheme. That's what makes the draft so unique. Sometimes you have guys anticipating you're going to draft one guy, but you take another. Then they ask you why you took the other guy. Maybe he fit our system just a little bit better. Guys have to play early now.

    12:20 p.m.: Dwayne Bowe of LSU is arguably the best blocking wide receiver in the draft, so it was no surprise how he answered when he was asked which got his teammates more excited, a big block, or a big catch. "I'd have to say a big block. I got a lot of ‘ooohs' from my teammates with a good crack back block."

    12:12 p.m.:Michigan wide receiver Steve Breaston was asked what separated him from some of his classmates in what is a deep wide receiver class. "My return ability. I think my ability to return punts and kicks helps make a difference for me."

    12:07 p.m.: Brigham Young Quarterback John Beck was asked if there was any pressure playing that position at a school with such great tradition. "Definitely, there's pressure, but it's something I'd always wanted to do since I was a little kid. It was an honor being able to follow in the footsteps of guys like Steve Young, Ty Detmer, and Jim McMahon."

    11:59 a.m.: Detroit Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli talked about getting his house in order first before looking outside for help. "Our first priority is our own team. We'll be looking at our own team and evaluating it first. Then we'll try to add to it with free agency and the draft." What is the most important thing you'll be looking at? "People. There are a lot of good players out there. We're looking at character."

    11:42 a.m.: Jacksonville Head Coach Jack Del Rio was asked about the combine and what it was like when he came through. "Yeah, I remember what I ran here, but I'm not going to share it with all of you," Del Rio said with a laugh. "Luckily for me, the Saints didn't over emphasize the forty time. The forty is a tool. It's one thing to grade or measure, but at the end of the day, we're looking for football players that make plays."

    11:38 a.m.: Ohio State wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez was asked about the BCS Championship game and if it stuck with him. "It's definitely a sore spot. You spend hours and hours and hours preparing to make sure your career doesn't end like that, but it did. That's real. That's the reality, and you accept it and try to move on." When asked what he would bring to the NFL. "What I hope to bring, and what I plan to bring is consistency, reliability and accountability. And it's those three things on and off the field."

    11:33 a.m.: –Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb – what do you think when you hear the term "system quarterback". "I expected it. A lot of people try and compare me to David Klingler and Andre Ware who were great players, but didn't have as successful NFL Careers as they would have liked. But it's different coaches, and it's different systems. That's why I went to the senior bowl to show what I could do. I'll take any challenge that someone wants to put in front of me."

    11:27 a.m.: Pittsburgh quarterback Tyler Palko was the first of four quarterbacks that were all brought into the media room at once. He was asked if being around Dave Wannstedt helped him. "I think it helped me. He runs the program like it's an NFL Program."

    11:20 a.m. Packers GM Ted Thompson spoke the media, and was quickly asked about RB Ahman Green. Thompson said that optimism is a "sticky phrase", but that the Packers want Green back and that Green's future with the club is up to the business side of the organization. The Packers, contended Thompson, can't act out of fear that a weak free agent class and high salary cap will lead to Green being overpaid on the free agent market.

    11:15 a.m. More from Penn State OT Levi Brown. When asked, said the toughest defender he faced all year was Purdue DE Anthony Spencer. Brown put his mouth up to the microphone and said "Anthony Spencer is tough. He's the best defensive end in this draft. You all should draft him." 

    11:01 a.m. New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin addressed the media. One of the questions that was asked was if Brandon Jacobs could be the feature running back, or would they be shopping for another. Coughlin said that he thought Jacobs could be the guy, but that he thinks you need two players at the position.

    10:55 a.m. Offensive lineman Doug Datish of Ohio State measured 6-4 1/4 and 302 Pounds. He poked a little fun about the process this week. He answered on a questionnaire that asked if he ever had back pain, and he answered occasionally. "So I spent six hours at the hospital yesterday getting two MRIs and a CAT Scan for my occasionally stiff back," Datish said with a grin and a thick dose of sarcasm.

    10:46 a.m. Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson addressed the media. The first question was about Ahman Green, and Thompson stated that he has told anyone that will listen that he wants Green back. Now it's up to the business side of things to come together to make it happen.

    10:31 a.m. Levi Brown, offensive tackle Penn State. When asked to make the case why he should be the No. 1 Offensive Tackle taken, Brown said, "I'm a great athlete. I work hard. I have the ability to dominate anyone. Whether or not I'm taken No.1, I do plan on making a lot of pro bowls," he added with a good natured grin.

    10:00 a.m. Wide Receiver Aundrae Allison of East Carolina weighed in at 6-0 and 198 pounds. An interesting note, he didn't play football until his junior year of high school. His coach wanted him to come out, because he thought it would make him more aggressive for basketball.

    9:35 a.m. The Cleveland Browns won the coin toss over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this morning for the rights to the third pick in the NFL Draft. Tampa Bay called heads and the coin landed on heads. The Buccaneers wil select fourth.

    9:30 a.m. Activity in the media room will reach a much higher pace than on Thursday, with 15 press conferences scheduled for head coaches and general managers. Friday's player visits to the media room will primarily include quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

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