Buckeye Notebook: From The Combine

INDIANAPOLIS-- On Friday, the offensive players visited the media center at the NFL Combine and a handful of Ohio State Buckeyes faced a barrage of questions from media members. Here are some notes and memorable moments from the press conferences.

Let Troy Be Troy

Quarterback Troy Smith checked in at 6-0 and 225 pounds.

One reporter asked Smith if he thought it would be a distraction if he were to end up being drafted by the Cleveland Browns and he'd have to return home , instead of being able to leave the area.

The funny thing about it, life is life anywhere you go.," Smith said. "That question is kind of a loaded one to me because you
make it seem if I go anywhere else, distractions aren't anywhere else. There's distractions everywhere. There's
nothing I can do about something that goes on in the outside world. The only thing I can control is what I do on a daily basis that's football oriented. I can't control anything else that happens."

Smith drew some laughs from the crowd after being asked what he thought of Drew Brees overcoming height concerns.

You make it seem like being 6-feet is a disease or something," Smith laughed. "He's a great guy. I got a chance to meet him when we were in Miami. I understand why he has the success he has, because of the way he
devotes himself to the game of football."

Smith quickly put one reporter in his place after being asked if he worries about Mock Drafts or being the Heisman winner and people still consider him as the third or fourth best quarterback available.

It's not strange because the people who make those opinions don't really have a say-so to where we go," he said. "I'm talking about anybody. I think there's a lot of great players in college football and I think a lot of great players who play football. People who
pass out the awards and the accolades, who's to say those players who get the awards are the chosen people? People's opinions
don't really mean anything."

Smith was asked if his senior season was bittersweet after losing the National Championship game.

It wasn't bittersweet at all," Smith explained. "It was a sweet experience the whole way through. I wouldn't have it any other way. Just
because we didn't get a chance to finish out on a note that we wanted to, that gives you no reason to say that the
season to me was a letdown."

Datish will never joke with a Doctor again


Center Doug Datish checked in at 6-4 and 302 pounds.

Datish quickly learned that even the smallest medical issue can be quickly overblown at the combine

They make you go through various physicals," Datish said. "One of the questions they asked me was if I've ever had a stiff back. I said, yeah, isn't everybody's. Because of that statement, I got to go have two MRIs and a CAT scan on my occasionally stiff back. Money well spent I guess. I was there for about six hours. It feels great."
Datish was asked to refute the comment made by Florida defensive linemen after the National Championship game. The Gators said the Buckeyes size worked to their disadvantage against the smaller, but faster Florida squad.

No. They were pretty good," Datish explained. "They got to dictate to us what they wanted to do. There was no secret about it at all. Once they got some points, we were forced to throw the ball. They could pin their ears back and go."

Datish was asked if there were any differences blocking for two different backs like Antonio Pittman and Chris Wells.

I'm not changing my run blocking. I'm still going to block for the same guys. The only thing that's different is that the linebackers
might play a little differently. Having those two great guys, I don't think there was much of a difference.
When asked if he was a Browns or Steelers fan while growing up.

"I was a Steelers' fan growing up."



Can Gonzo pass the Test?


WR Anthony Gonzalez checked in at 6-0 and 193 pounds.

Gonzalez was asked about the process and the psychological evaluation.

"I don't know. In all honestly, I can't say what they're looking for in a psychological test," Gonzalez said. "I don't know if anybody can. How do you beat the psych test? Is that even possible? I'll just go in and be as honest as I can be. I don't think I'm crazy. Hopefully, nobody does."
Anthony's father Eduardo a former Michigan Wolverine has been a big influence on his sons life.

"His influence comes as more than just a football career," he said. "He's helped me with everything in my life, really. The things he's always stressed are more universal than they are specific. 'You have to work harder than everybody else. You have to persist. You can never give up.' That's more his role. I also get a lot of guidance from my mother and siblings. I'm very fortunate to have what I believe to be a very strong family."

When asked whether or not Stanford Law School was still in his future plans.

"Yeah, eventually," Gonzales explained. "I mean that's obviously put on the back burner, hopefully, for a very long time. It is something I will do at some point in the future. Whether it's Stanford or not, that's up to them. I certainly can apply."

What was his greatest memory as a Buckeye?
"Best memory as a Buckeye? It's hard to say best memory. Memories, I would say beating Michigan three times. Each game is very special."

Gonzalez was asked what the fallout was from the BCS title game.

"It's certainly a sore spot. When you think of how a career is going to end, how a season is going to end, you never think that it'll end in that way. You spend hours and hours and hours trying to make sure it doesn't, but it did, and that's real, that's reality. You try to accept it, deal with it and hopefully move on."





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