Combine Workouts: The Offensive Linemen

All but one of the top offensive linemen in April's draft took part in the workout at the RCA Dome. Several prospects really improved their draft grade while others saw their stock drop in the opposite direction.

Andy Alleman/G/Akron: After running a pair of fast times in the forty Alleman was solid during the practice session.  Displaying a lot of quickness and explosion, his footwork was much better then advertised.  Alleman was also very effective opening his hips in drills.

Allen Barbre/Missouri Southern:  As expected the small school lineman turned in a very fast pair of 40's.  In fact with Joe Staley sidelined with a hamstring injury they were some of the fastest of all  the offensive linemen.  Barbre moved well in practice displaying good footwork yet needs to improve his balance as he was all over the place.

Josh Beekman/G-C/Boston CollegeAfter two very slow 40's Beekman continued to look sluggish and slow in drills.  He likely lost any chance of being a first day pick with his combine performance.

Nathan Bennett/G/Clemson: Bennett struggled in all the drills which required him to move laterally or had him change direction.

Justin Blalock/OL/TexasLooking strong and powerful in drills, Blalock displayed solid footwork.  He did not show a lot of quickness and struggled when he was asked to change direction.

Levi Brown/OT/Penn StateBrown started slowly then picked it up as the session progressed.  His footwork looked servicable off the left side yet he struggled with most of the drills when simulating a right tackle.

Doug Datish/C/Ohio State: Datish looked stiff in pass blocking drills and did not show much pop or punch at the point.

Chris Denman/OT/Fresno State: After a pair of horribly slow 40's, Denman turned it around during the drills.  Quick and smooth in pass protection drills, he displayed good fundamentals and solid feet.

Brandon Frye/G/Virginia Tech Effective most of the session, Frye looked very athletic during his forties and on the field in the practice session.  He did struggle a bit sliding laterally but showed good punch and jolt at the point.

Ben Grubbs/G/Auburn: Grubbs was very quick and explosive.  He moved well laterally and showed skill in motion.

Gabe Hall/OL/Texas TechA tremendous all around day for Hall.  After a pair of very fast forties Hall moved well in all the drills and showed good footwork in pass protection.   Hall could come away improving his draft stock more than any other blocker.

Leroy Harris/G-C/North Carolina StateHarris displayed terrific power but really struggled when he was asked to move laterally.

Ryan Harris/G-T/Notre DameHarris did a good job salvaging his sagging draft rankings.  He ran fast in the 40's and looked very athletic on the field.  

Stephon Heyer/T/Maryland: After a pair of poor forties the bad fortune continued for Heyer.  Looking sluggish during the session, Heyer struggled with his footwork, did not show much quickness and was constantly slipping on the field.

Chase Johnson/T/WyomingJohnson turned in a very disappointing practice session.  While he flashed some natural athleticism for the most part he displayed limited footwork and did not attack the practice session.

Ryan Kalil/C/USC: Kalil kept the momentum going on his rising draft stock.  After some fast 40's he looked very athletic on the field, displaying a lot of explosion and quickness.  He did not show much power/pop at the point, which is a criticism of his game.

James Marten/T-G/Boston College: Marten did much better then expected and improved his stock.  As we told you after the Senior Bowl there are a large number of people who think he will be selected before his teammate, Josh Beekman, and today may have sealed the deal.  Martern ran well, displayed good footwork and was continually commended by the coaches.

Dan Santucci/G/Notre Dame:  Santucci turned in a solid session.  While he moved well about the field he did lack overall balance and power at the point.

Herbert Taylor/T-G/TCUTaylor quietly had a good session.  After some slower-than-expected 40's Taylor looked fluid and athletic in practice.  He showed good footwork in pass protection and moved well in all the drills.

Joe Thomas/T/WisconsinThomas solidified himself as a top four pick today.  After two good 40's he was outstanding in pass protection drills and was fluid moving in all directions.

Tony Ugoh/T/ArkansasUgoh stated strong and looked like one of the better athletes on the field until pulling up lame with a leg injury midway through the session.

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