Combine Workouts: The Defensive Linemen 

All but a few of the top defensive lineman took to the field this morning and performed for scouts. Here are comments on their performances as well as hand-times for both 40-yard runs. Also included are notes on the defensive linemen who took part in linebacker drills.

Victor Abiamiri/Notre Dame:   Looked athletic during the linemen drills displaying a quick change of direction and good lateral speed.  He struggled moving in reverse during linebacker drills and dropped several easy "interceptions".

Gaines Adams/ClemsonHands down the star of the morning session.  Looked like a supreme athlete on the field, effortlessly moving in all directions with speed.  He showed good punch with his hands and was outstanding in linebacker drills.  Fluid moving in reverse, he opened his hip to simulate transitioning in coverage and displayed good hands for the "interception".

C.J. Ah You/Oklahoma:  Ran well in the forty yet did not look athletic in drills.  Showed an average change of direction and had no punch with his hands.

Jay Alford/Penn State Really struggled with the extra bulk he brought to Indy.  After a pair of slow 40's Alford was slow changing direction, something he did with ease in college.

Antwan Applewhite/San Diego St.:  Applewhite ran slower than expected and had some problems in the drills.  Not real fluid, he was all over the place and displayed limited balance.  That said Applewhite did show good overall quickness, moved with speed in every direction and did a solid job in linebacker drills.

Baraka Atkins/Miami-Fl:  Atkins performed well in all areas, which is no surprise.  He was fluid, showed quick feet and practiced with good balance.  Now if he only played that way consistently.

Dan Bazuin/Central MichiganBazuin struggled today and as a result his draft stock will drop.  After some disappointing times in the forty his practice session was poor.  Bazuin looked like a limited athlete, struggled changing direction and was terrible during linebacker drills.  Slow in his hips, he could not backpedal and was constantly slipping to the turf.

Larry Birdine/Oklahoma:  Birdine was another who watched his draft stock tumble.  He did not display the athleticism expected.

Alan Branch/MichiganBranch worked hard and ran reasonably well in the forty.  And while he flashed athleticism he quickly faded during the practice session and seemed out of shape.  His stock is slipping.  Several teams we spoke with at today's workouts said were it any ordinary player from any ordinary program they'd probably stamp him with a third round grade.  Expect Branch to make a Jimmy Kennedy like fall in the draft.

Kareem Brown/Miami-Fl:  It was mind-boggling to many that Brown did not run the forty.  He did workout and it was nothing special.

Adam Carriker/Nebraska: Carriker ran well and lifted reasonably well (33-reps) yet looked tight in drills.  We were expecting a good workout that would get him top 12 consideration but it was not the case.

Tim Crowder/TexasCrowder was fantastic from start to finish.  He's a fluid athlete with good movement skills.  And while he needs to work on his backpedal, for the most part Crowder did a good job in the linebacker drills. 

Victor Degrate/Oklahoma St: Degrate's times in the forty were disappointing but he practiced at a much faster tempo displaying a good burst and solid quickness.

Justin Harrell/TennesseeHarrell moved reasonably well showing lateral speed and quick feet.  He was in and out of the drills and did not participate in everything.

Justin Hickman/UCLAHickman ran poorly in the forty but did a solid job in the drills.  And while he displayed a lot of quickness his lack of speed was evident all afternoon.

Keith Jackson/ArkansasJackson ran relatively well for a 305-pound lineman then displayed good movement skills and agility in the practice session.

Charles Johnson/GeorgiaJohnson ran relatively well then showed a lot of athleticism in the drills.  Quick footed, Johnson moved well in every area of the field and practiced fast.  He was smooth in reverse showing a backpedal and the ability to open his hips.  

Turk McBride/Tennessee:  McBride was another who displayed solid overall quickness and the ability to move in all directions with ease.

Brandon Mebane/CaliforniaIt was a struggle for Mebane whose draft stock took a hit.  After some poor forty times Mebane did not show much balance moving around the field.  He strained to quickly change direction.

Jay Moore/Nebraska:  Moore is also watching his stock drop after a poor performance.  Moore was unexpectedly slow running the forty and was just average during the drills.

Quentin Moses/Georgia: The downward plunge of Quentin Moses continues.   After some horrible forty times Moses was equally ineffective in drills.  Moses was slow to react, showed no hand punch whatsoever and dropped a lot of passes during linebacker drills.

Jarvis Moss/Florida:  Moss improved his stock today.  After running well he showed a lot of athleticism in the practice session.  Moss also stood out during linebacker drills.

Amobi Okoye/LouisvilleOkoye went down with a hamstring injury, running only one 40.  Yet he participated in the practice session and showed a good amount of quickness and explosion.

Brian Robison/Texas:  Robison ran the forty fast and jumped well.  His practice session was solid but not as exceptional as his marks.  Robison was slow pedaling in reverse and showed average lateral speed.  Will his great workout push Robison up draft boards?  Probably not- he was known as a great athlete and the numbers turned in today were not unexpected.  The fact is Robison does not consistently play to these numbers on the field. 

Paul Soliai/UtahSoliai was a huge disappointment.  Showing up overweight he was slow in the forty.  That said he moves very well for such a big man and showed a lot of power.

Anthony Spencer/PurdueSpencer's day was average. He ran some disappointing times in the forty and was rather ordinary during linebacker drills.

Demarcus Tyler/North Carolina St:  Tyler didn't do a bad job.  Showing up some 17-pounds lighter then his Senior Bowl weight, Tyler showed some toughness finishing the workout after injuring his leg during the first forty.

Lamarr Woodley/Michigan:  We wrote last week that Woodley's workout performances had been so poor it was decided he would not participate at the combine.  That is exactly what happened today as he did nothing.  People close to the situation told us Woodley has been intimidated since the first day of Senior Bowl practice, when he was beat up on then came up lame with a hamstring injury.  That injury is questionable to many.  The same people told us there is a fear on Woodley's behalf of performing poorly.  Regardless, his stock is taking a major tumble and right now he is a stretch to stay in the top 60 picks.

Name Ht Wt 40-1 40-2 School
Victor Abiamiri 6042 267 4.84 4.90 Notre Dame
Gaines Adams 6046 258 4.69 4.71 Clemson
C.J. Ah You 6036 274 4.69 4.72 Oklahoma
Jay Alford 6033 304 5.15 5.25 Penn State
Jamaal Anderson 6053 288 DNR Arkansas
Antwan Applewhite 6027 250 4.70 4.73 San Diego State
Baraka Atkins 6044 271 4.78 4.75 Miami-Fl
Dan Bazuin 6027 266 4.75 4.90 Central Michigan
Larry Birdine 6035 261 5.10 5.03 Oklahoma
Alan Branch 6056 324 5.08 5.10 Michigan
Kareem Brown 6040 290 DNR Miami-Fl
Larry Brown 6025 297 5.25 5.25 Oklahoma State
Mkristo Bruce 6056 268 5.09 5.10 Washington State
Noland Burchette 6017 259 5.10 (inj) Virginia Tech
Adam Carriker 6060 296 4.87 4.94 Nebraska
Jeremy Clark 6024 309 4.97 5.00 Alabama
Joe Cohen 6024 315 5.10 5.13 Florida
Tim Crowder 6035 272 4.81 4.69 Texas
Victor DeGrate 6025 249 4.91 4.78 Oklahoma State
Quinton Echols 6007 328 5.44 5.38 Kansas State
Jacob Ford 6035 249 4.75 INJ Central Arkansas
Justin Harrell 6043 300 5.13 5.08 Tennessee
Justin Hickman 6013 254 4.85 4.81 UCLA
Keith Jackson 6002 305 5.01 5.03 Arkansas
Xzavie Jackson 6026 278 4.87 5.03 Missouri
Antonio Johnson 6030 310 5.22 5.21 Mississippi State
Charles Johnson 6022 270 4.85 4.89 Georgia
Derek Landri 6024 288 DNR DNR Notre Dame
Ryan McBean 6043 286 5.03 4.94 Oklahoma State
Turk McBride 6023 277 4.81 4.84 Tennessee
Ray McDonald 6033 276 DNR DNR Florida
Brandon Mebane 6011 309 5.15 5.18 California
Jay Moore 6046 274 4.97 5.03 Nebraska
Quentin Moses 6052 261 4.89 4.87 Georgia
Jarvis Moss 6064 250 4.69 4.75 Florida
Amobi Okoye 6020 302 5.00 DNR Louisville
David Patterson 6021 285 5.10 5.19 Ohio State
Quinn Pitcock 6024 299 4.93 4.88 Ohio State
Chase Pittman 6045 270 DNR DNR LSU
Jay Richardson 6055 279 5.09 5.03 Ohio State
Brian Robison 6031 259 4.65 4.66 Texas
Clifton Ryan 6026 310 5.03 5.03 Michigan State
Paul Soliai 6040 344 5.09 5.19 Utah
Anthony Spencer 6027 261 4.78 4.73 Purdue
Marcus Thomas 6026 314 DNR DNR Florida
Mataifale Toeaina 6020 307 DNR DNR Oregon
DeMarcus Tyler 6022 306 5.35 INJ North Carolina State
LaMarr Woodley 6014 266 DNR DNR Michigan
Abraham Wright 6020 242 4.94 4.81 Colorado

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