Draft Snapshot: DE Noland Burchette

Virginia Tech's Noland Burchette created a buzz at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis when it was time for his group to do the bench press. Find out why coaches came up to compliment him even though he didn't complete the most reps in his group...

Noland Burchette
DE, Virginia Tech

Numbers: 6'2, 259 pounds

2006 Stats: 42 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 6.5 TFL, 12 QB pressures, 1 FF, 2 FR (one for a touchdown) in 10 games.

Career Stats: 135 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 17.5 TFL, 50 QB pressures, 5 FF, 4 FR  (one for a touchdown) in 48 games and 26 starts.

The Buzz: Created some excitement at the Combine when he decided at the last moment to do the bench press, even though he just had surgery for a broken arm on January 2nd. He had only benched twice since being medically cleared to start lifting again. The fact that he benched at all made a huge impression on a number of NFL coaches who watched as other players meekly opted out of the bench press for fairly questionable reasons like hamstring or groin problems ... Has a reputation for toughness, not allowing injuries to hold him back from playing ... Sheds blocks well and has good straight-line speed ... Plays with good field intelligence, locating the flow and the ball quickly.

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Noteworthy:  Earned Super Iron Hokie honors in 2005 for his weight room performance that included a 560-pound back squat ... Started every game at right defensive end even though he had broken his arm in spring practice ... In high school, he played was the team's punter in addition to playing defensive end and tight end ... Had formal interviews at the Combine with at least 7 teams ... has the size and quickness that has caused some 3-4 teams to ask him if he's be interested in playing LB as a rush-end ... Ironically, he had planned to do a full workout except the bench press. But he went ahead with that and pulled a quad during the 40-yard dash, so he wasn't able to complete it.

He said it to Scout.com...

"I know I'm getting double-teamed. So I had to be tougher than the two across from me. If I can get my hands on at least one of them first and take one on, I know the other one's eventually going to leave me alone -- and I'd just pound them. Coach teaches us to keep pounding every play and eventually they'll give up -- and I feel like a lot of people gave up after they just got pounded."

"I feel like you have to get along as a teammate. You're going to have people from all over and you have to have one guy in the locker room that's able to relate to everybody - not just the people in the locker room, but also the coaches because if not, you'll have no sense of team camaraderie and team spirit. A lot of players can bring other players down if he and the coach aren't getting along, so that's why I get along with everybody, to keep the team together."

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