Jerricho Cotchery Press Conference

Jets receiver Jerricho Cotchery posted a career-high 82 catches for 961 yards, including six touchdown receptions in 2007, so the team rewarded him with a contract extension this week. Find out what Cotchery had to say about that and the future of the Jets in this press conference transcript.

JERRICHO COTCHERY: "First, I'd like to open up by thanking Mr. Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, Coach Mangini to allow me the opportunity to contribute to this program and allow me to have an opportunity to further my career with the Jets. I also want to thank my position coach, Coach Mazzone, definitely Coach Westhoff, and most importantly I'd like to thank my teammates for appreciating my work ethic and encouraging my work ethic and encouraging me to be the same person throughout the times that I did have the opportunities. With that said, I would like to open up for questions."

Q. Could you talk about the process?
"Yeah, it was a process. They come to me a year early, and it was a number there I wanted and it had to be fair for both sides and it ended up being, and I'm thankful that they was able to give it to me."

Q. When you saw Brian Thompson signed to the extension in the middle of the season, did that at least give you a little hope that this would, if not be an easy process, a process that might get taken care of sooner rather than later?
"Yeah, by seeing that, it showed that they was committed to their players. And Brian, he's a hard-working guy and he's a guy that's going to come out and work every day and he's not in any trouble off the field. So I would assume they would commit to guys like that, and also that can contribute on the field. I knew that I had a pretty good chance of getting this done."

Q. What does this do for you, heading into this coming season, does this take a little bit of pressure off of you as far as wondering what might be and now you can just focus on your job and not worry about everything else?
"Yeah, this I think this was the perfect time to get something done. Didn't want to, you know, try to extend doing the thing during the season where you're thinking about tons of things. It allows me to continue to just focus on football, so I get it done and all season I can get back to my usual routine and just continue to concentrate on football."

Q. Did you think about waiting until free agency, and you know, with some of the dollars that teams are going to be throwing around, did you think about that?
"I really didn't because I wanted to stay with the Jets the entire time. And this is the organization that drafted me and I wanted to be loyal to them. I wanted to finish my career here, because I feel like the other teams, if they wanted me when I was coming off of the draft, they would have drafted me. So this time around, they won't have a second chance to get me. So I wanted to further my career with the Jets, and I'm very thankful that they came a year early and allowed me to be able to do that."

Q. The way you're talking, do you think this is a deal that can carry you threw the bulk of your career? Is this the last deal for you almost? I know you're so young, but just the way you were talking...
"It's one of those things where even if I get to that point in time in my career, I think I still will in some kind of way deal with the Jets. I love the Jets and they have shown me tons of love, and I'm just excited to just be able to work for the Jets over the course of the years. And if it comes up again, I'm quite sure that I'll be able to stay again."

Q. Now that you're in place for many years, what do you think the team -- what will it take for them to get to the next -- to get over the next hurdle, like with free agency starting tomorrow, what would you like to see them do to try to get another piece or two into the puzzle?
"Well, on a team, you have to have a good amount of difference-makers. We have a few, but I think we need a few more on I guess both sides of the ball. Once we get to that point where we have enough difference-makers, I think we'll be in good shape."

Q. Is it possible for you to do more this off-season than you did in recent off-seasons, because we know obviously how you worked hard to improve your speed and use strength and stamina and all that stuff, and it really showed up this past season. Can you do any more to improve on that this off-season?
"Yeah, there is always things that you can improve on. Sometimes the hard thing is, you know, being able to study yourself and see what those things are you need to work on. So I've just been working on everything so far and I've just been trying to come up with some more things that I can work on, and I think that will help out also."

Q. Did you get what you wanted, and are you surprised at how smoothly things went?
"No because the Jets, they told me that they wanted me to be here and I wanted to be here. So I came up with a number and they thought it was fair for both sides. It was fine with me and my family."

Q. It sounds like there wasn't a lot of back and forth and back and forth in this negotiation; it's like here it is, okay, we got the deal and it's done.
"Of course, over time, you can -- over the course of a day, there can be a lot of back and forth over a day. But for the most part it went fairly easy."

Q. What kind of parameters did you use to come up with the figure you presented to the Jets? You know, who did you look at, what was kind of the comparison?
"It's something that I just thought about. I never looked at any guys around the league to see what they were making. I just wanted to have a number that I was comfortable with, and that was it."

Q. What does it mean to have this type of security now, you know how the NFL is, you're here one moment, gone the next. Was that really important to you?
"That was important, but the most thing I was excited about, I know I signed the extension today. But I don't want to make it -- I'm mostly excited about being able to be a part of the Jets and to have the opportunity to be a part of something special."

Q. How do you celebrate tonight, anything special?
"No, not that special. I'm going to watch free agency and see what happens in free agency, because I think we can do some good things as long as we stick to Coach Mangini's plan and he continues to just work hard. I think working this hard, it builds team chemistry and as long as he continues his same plan, I think we'll be fine."

Q. Are you in on any kind of recruiting process, have you spoken to anyone around the league about what it's like to play for Mangini and in New York?
"No, I haven't. Those guys know what they are doing. They know how to get players in here and they know how to get the people they want."

Q. Are you still hearing about the play in Game 2 versus the Patriots, do you still hear about it?
"Yeah, I still hear about it a lot. Even a lot of family members, every time I go home, that's the first time they bring up, even though that was a while back. It was just funny to watch it sometimes, but it was a good play, but that's not the story of the season. We had a good year this year and we're looking forward to doing even better things this year."

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