Draft Insider: Nine Teams Meet with Boss

Scout.com NFL Expert Tom Marino says that Kevin Boss had the second-best overall workout out of the tight ends at the NFL Combine. And Ed Thompson has the scoop on who Boss had formal interviews with while he was in Indianapolis. Is your team one of them? Find out inside...

To learn more about tight end Kevin Boss, check out this NFL Draft Snapshot.

Western Oregon tight end Kevin Boss has gradually lifted his stock from a bubble prospect to now being projected as a solid Day Two selection in this year's NFL Draft. And the team that grabs him is going to get one of the best pass-catching tight ends out of this year's pack. Be sure to click the link for the NFL Draft Snapshot above if you're not familiar with this talented tight end.

An NFL source told me this week that Boss had formal interviews with nine teams while in Indianapolis -- the Bengals, Cowboys, Falcons, Raiders, Browns, Packers, Chargers, Seahawks, and Titans. You can expect to see some team-specific analysis at some of our corresponding Scout.com NFL team sites later this week in regards to how Boss might fit into those teams' draft plans this April.

(Photo: Western Oregon Athletics)

At first glance, Green Bay, Oakland and Seattle seem to have the most pressing need for a good, young tight end with great hands. And because he's been flying under the radar a bit -- at least until the Combine -- Boss could end up being one of the best value picks at the tight end position in this year's draft.

During a recent interview with him -- that will be published later this week -- Boss told me he's had some previous contact with the Colts as well. Indianapolis tried to provide Peyton Manning with a 6-foot-9 target over the past two seasons, Texas Tech's Joey Hawkins, but he just didn't seem to get in the flow of the offense and bounced on and off the team's practice squad. And even though the Colts appear to be set at tight end, it wouldn't be surprising to see them take a look at the 6-foot-7 tight end if he's unexpectedly available at the right time.

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