Pashos Press Conference Highlights

Unrestricted free agent offensive tackle Tony Pashos signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars after spending his first four years in Baltimore. The 6-foot-6, 320 -pound tackle answered some questions for the media after his signing.

(on being a Jaguar)
"I am very happy. It's a good situation for me. I think when you go into free agency, you want to find a good fit for yourself. This is a good fit and a good team."

(on why the Jaguars are a good fit for him)
"The attitude and the physicality this team is and is going to continue to be. The style of team is perfect for me with the physicality and toughness and type of player I am. I think this team exemplifies that."

(on coming to a team with high expectations)
"From being on another club, I know the defense around here is at the caliber where it can be a lights out defense. The offense isn't far behind and that is where I come in. I want to come in and help out along the lines of this offense and get this team to the next step to be a winner and a Super Bowl caliber program."

(on joining a team with potent running game)
"I would love to be a part of this running game. Everybody saw what they did last year. Protection is more than just one thing. The offensive line as well as a whole team thing. It's hard to prove that when you are not in that locker room. I am going to focus and I am sure all the other guys in this program are going to try and do the protection things right as well as keep the running thing going, and the lights out defense, and toughness and physicality that this team has."

(on if he talked with head coach Jack Del Rio)
"Of course. He is what he is. He is an intense coach. He has a lot of fire and lot of passion for what he does. When I speak about fit that is the type of player I am."

(on if there were other options for him)
"There were other teams that were interested, but this is the program I wanted to be with. When you are a free agent, you want the teams that want you to be Super Bowl caliber, playoff teams. You hope you can choose among them. This was the best situation for me."

(on what he brings to the table)
"I am a tough guy. I am player that works hard like the rest of these guys in here. That is what I bring to the table and hope to contribute like the rest of these guys."

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