Live from Michigan Pro Day

Scouts made the trek north to Ann Arbor today for Michigan's Pro-Day as more than a dozen draft eligible players will perform for NFL decision makers. Some of the early results are filtering in. UPDATED AT 4PM


After the physical tests Lamarr Woodley performed defensive line drills and looked outstanding.  He was then put through a battery of position specific drills at linebacker.  And while he did better than some expected the word was it's been characterized as an "okay" session.

Regardless, Wooldey answered his critics today and solidified himself as a top 60 pick.

Alan Branch did not fare as well.  Just as we reported at the combine, Branch looked sluggish and out of shape during the position drills.  

Sources told us that David Harris, Leon Hall and Steve Breaston stood on their combine numbers and just took part in position drills today.

Hall is set to meet with the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots in the coming weeks.

Prescott Burgess improved his times from Indianapolis.  The linebacker ran in the mid-4.7's today, with a few stopwatches reading 4.69.

Offensive lineman Rueben Riley Jr. had an outstanding performance.  The college tackle who projects to guard in the NFL clocked as fast as 4.93-seconds in one of his forty's, completed 36-reps on the bench and turned in a 29-inch vertical jump.  

Making this all the more impressive is the fact Riley is just coming off a bout of strep throat.  The Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars have all shown a lot of interest in him.

Safety Willis Barringer also performed well, posting 40-times in the 4.5-second range after completing 22-reps on the bench.

1:30 PM EST

After pulling out of the Senior Bowl then not working out at the combine, the early results for LaMarr Woodley are promising.

Sources at the workout in Ann Arbor have told us Woodley's 40-times have ranged between 4.71 and 4.77 seconds.  On his second run Woodley tripped or he would've gotten under the 4.70 mark.

Earlier in the day Woodley was impressive.  After weighing in at 265-pounds he completed 29 repetitions on the bench and posted an outstanding 38.5-inch vertical jump.


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