3/20 Pro-Days: Stanford and Georgia

More than a half-dozen quarterback coaches made their way out west to watch Trent Edwards throw in the rain today, and he did not disappoint. At Georgia's pro day, some of the lesser known prospects performed well while the top-rated senior continues to slip.


Thirty teams were on hand at Stanford specifically to watch Trent Edwards throw.  Included were quarterback coaches from the St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers and Kansas City Chiefs.  

The New York Jets had three coaches on hand while the Cleveland Browns sent four to watch Edwards workout.

It was raining in Palo Alto, which hampered the event.

Edwards started by running his 40s in a time of 4.7 seconds.  He was not asked to do any shuttle runs because of the slippery conditions.

Edwards' throwing workout was impressive.  He hit on 47 of 50 passes, showing good accuracy and pass placement.  He displayed a live arm, zipping the ball into targets and also threw good corner patterns.  What stood out was the way Edwards got through the workout despite the rain.  The ball was soaking wet and only a limited number were available.

Mike Martz of the Lions sat down with Edwards last night.  We were alerted at the combine that Martz favors Edwards over Brady Quinn as he feels the Stanford passer offers more upside.  

Edwards was interviewed by the Cleveland Browns this morning.  

The New York Jets coaching staff is sticking around to interview him tomorrow and will likely put him through another workout.


The top performance was from linebacker Danny Verdun Wheeler.  Weighing in at 247 pounds, Wheeler ran his 40s in the low 4.6 range, had a vertical jump of 35.5 inches and posted an outstanding time of 6.93 seconds in the three-cone.  That time was the fastest of the day for any Bulldog who worked out.

Defensive end Charles Johnson pulled his hamstring after his first 40 and did nothing else the rest of the day.

Sources have told us running back Danny Ware looked good, but we have no numbers as of yet.

Quentin Moses continues to fall.  

Sources told us he was out of shape and had a terrible workout.  So much so there is talk he could now drop out of the initial 75 selections next month.

Finally, a funny story to keep an eye on. 

Defensive tackle Ray Gant weighed in at 288-pounds, which surprised many scouts.  

Those in attendance were a little leery and suspected Gant had purposely worn something extra to pad his weight.  When asked to get on the scale for a second time at the end of the workout Gant refused.

More as it comes in.

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