Scouting the MAC: Buffalo

After what looked like a mistake making the move up into Division I-A, UB displayed signs of life last season. The quality of players coming from this program is getting better and as a result, so to will be the number of players drafted or signed as rookie free agents. There are a few possible late round choices in 2003.

Buffalo Bulls

Prospect number one would be tight end Chad Bartoszek is a big, powerful player that dominates on the line blocking while also displaying the ability to catch the pass. Relatively athletic, Bartoszek easily rides opponents out of their angle of attack in pass protection or gets movement from his run blocks. He displays footwork with the ability to shuffle and slide protecting the edge. Bartoszek's has solid hands, looks the pass in and effectively catches the ball away from his frame. He is not a nimble or agile player nor effective but a few yards off the line of scrimmage when used as a receiving weapon. A lack of speed will probably keep him out of the draft but he'd be a perfect fit for a team that keeps three tight ends and uses them in short yardage situations. Junior tight end Jason Smalarz is a little more athletic with a little more speed and more effective as a pass catcher and yet still has the size to grow into a solid blocking threat.  We'd also include guard Tim Hedges and Matt Baniewicz to this group though their names have popped on and off the UB roster.  We've contacted the SID but have gotten no definitive word.  




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