Crennel Addresses Issues-Part One

Offensively, the quarterback position for the team seems to be of major interest to the fans and Crennel addressed the situation.

Crennel made it clear that third-year signal caller Charlie Frye holds an advantage over Derek Anderson meaning Frye is the starter at this point.

"Charlie has a leg up. I said that at the end of the year and he still does have a leg up (on Anderson)," the head coach said.

But Crennel didn't count out the team adding a quarterback in April's draft.

"Right now, we have those two guys but that doesn't preclude us from adding somebody."

As for Anderson's shoulder, Crennel confirmed that he didn't have surgery on his separated shoulder and he has begun to throw a little bit.

As for Frye's wrist injury...

"Charlie Frye's wrist seems to be good. Charlie has been by a couple of times. I have talked to him and he's indicated that he's feeling good. He doesn't have any pain and he doesn't think he has any complications and so we feel pretty good about it right now."

Later in the discussion, I asked Crennel if he's seen enough of a sampling Frye to do an evaluation or to get a good idea if Frye is their quarterback of the future. This is the same question that subscribers have been asking us in the Ask The Insiders forum for several weeks.

"Frye's total evaluation is kind of tough because I think with a young quarterback the tools surround him have an impact his performance."

Crennel wasn't trying to make any excuses for Frye but it's clear the team made a decision heading into free agency that they were going to build the offensive line to protect Frye or whoever winds up starting.

"I think we have to give him better tools to work with which we're trying to do with the addition of (Eric) Steinbach and trying to sure up the offensive line a little bit and I think will help us provide him more weapons around him so that he can have a better chance (to succeed)."

Speaking of Steinbach, Crennel outlined the plan for him.

"I think overall what we'll end up doing is looking to see how he performs at guard, or if we have anybody else that we feel good about that guard spot, and then see how he might do at tackle. But you've got to get your best five out there. In determining that, I think (OL coach) Steve (Marshall) knew Steinbach's been good at guard and with what's on the team, I think that's a valid assessment (that Kevin Shaffer would start at LT). Now we just have to put them on the field and see if that mix determines that we might need to move Steinbach outside or not."

Another new player who could help Frye or whomever the starter winds up being is WR Tim Carter. I asked Crennel his opinion of the player after watching tape of Carter before they acquired him.

"The thing that Tim brings to the table is he has outstanding speed. Having speed in a receiving corps is always a good thing. We're going to have to see where he fits into the rotation. To see what kind of contribution he can make. The thing we like is we like the speed and that's why we added him, because we like the speed. Now we have to put him out there and see where he fits."

Despite having chance after chance with the New York Giants, Carter struggled to make much of an impression.

"That's one of the reasons we have to put him out there and find out. There are questions about consistency as far as catching the ball and things like that. But we wanted the speed and that's why we traded for him and we'll see where we can best use him."

As noted by after he was hired, new OC Jeff Chudzinski plans to use a power rushing attack. Crennel discussed his offense.

"I think he has an attacking style, wants to try to provide balance and look for matchups. I think you'll see multiple personnel, multiple formations and then try to take advantage of matchups.
With tight ends on linebackers, with Kellen matched up in some situations where we can try to give him an advantage that way. I think many offenses would like to have a balance in the offense. You have to be able to run the ball. You have to be able to throw the ball. I think that's what he brings to the table. He brings a high-scoring offense when he was a coordinator in college. He was with a high-scoring offense recently. Hopefully we can get some of that scoring on the Browns. I know that he had different personnel and all that, but some of coaching is seeing what you have and trying to maximize their abilities. That's part of the process that he's going through right now, as well as putting the playbook together, is see what we have and how we can put them in the best position."

Crennel seemed pretty optimistic about his offense this season, probably more so at this time last year--and that's what Browns' fans want to hear.

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