7 Points With Kansas RB Jon Cornish

After setting a single-season rushing record with 1,457 yards during his final season at Kansas, Jon Cornish has NFL dreams and knows he can contribute a the next level in a number of different ways. Learn more about him in this exclusive interview with Scout.com's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: So how does a guy from British Columbia end up in Kansas?

Jon Cornish: I was just trying to play some Big 12 football. That had been my dream since I was in grade eight to play against Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma. I didn't want to send my tape there I wanted to play against them. I sent my tape to the other schools and Kansas offered me a scholarship on the spot after watching the tape.

ET: Your first of couple years at Kansas, you certainly had some great accomplishments as a special teams player. That's got to be attractive to pro scouts.

JC: I really think special teams is just like a battle of wills -- who wants to block whoever more, who wants to go harder against the other person. I think that's why I like special teams so much.

ET: In high school I saw you had 37 quarterback sacks. Is it some of that attitude that you developed in high school that drives you on special teams?

JC: Most definitely. Some of those sacks were the result of me just me jumping over the center at the snap. I played every single defensive position. I had sacks as a linebacker, a nose tackle, a safety and a defensive end. I played a little corner too. I just tried to do whatever I could.

Jon Cornish pushes past Missouri's Darnell Terrell (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)
ET: When you were in high school at British Columbia I noticed as well that you averaged 14.9 yards per carry. How in the world did you do that?

JC: Basically, I'd only carry the ball four or five times a game - a few more some games. I'd score a few touchdowns and then my coach would take me out. The stat is impressive because I really do believe we have some very talented players up there, but there were few that could keep up with the speed I brought to the table. Once I got past the first and second lines of the defense, it was over.

ET: I saw in 2005 you were awarded the John Hadl Most Valuable Offensive Player of the Year. You weren't even a starter that year were you?

JC: Yes. I was a little bit surprised by that. I was half expecting the special teams MVP. Statistically speaking, my numbers were at the level of…..better than every one else's I guess.

ET: You said you kind of expected to get it on special teams. What happened that year that you felt made you a standout and a strong candidate for that award?

JC: That was my first year starting at gunner. I had played gunner every year, but I was never 'the guy.' Some games I would have three or four tackles against punts. Our punt coverage unit was one of the best in the country that year.

ET: Did you sense any enthusiasm from any of the teams you talked to at the Combine?

JC: The special teams and running back coach from Kansas City seemed very interested, and that would be a place I'd love to play.

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