NFL Draft Q&A With DE Ikaika Alama-Francis

Hawaii's Akaika Alama-Francis talked to's Ed Thompson about Oregon's Enoka Lucas, teammate Samson Satele, the possibility of switching to linebacker at the pro level, what you should know about him as a person, and more!

Ed Thompson: You were rooming with Oregon center Enoka Lucas while training for your Pro Day correct. Did you enjoy getting to know him?

Ikaika Alama-Francis:  Definitely, because we're from the same island and the same area, but I had never met him before I came here. He has that fun-loving attitude I think a lot of the local people have. It's not hard to get along with a person like that. He's a great person and we helped each other out and worked out with each other and I thought it was fantastic.

ET: As a defensive lineman you saw Samson Satele, the great center for Hawaii, up close in practice and during games. What can you tell us about him?

IAF: He plays with that attitude and he's a workhorse out there. We were locker buddies, so we talked a lot and he was a great person and person to be around. I know he's going to do well because he's a hard worker and a great athlete.

ET: How do you feel about the fact that you've been doing so well at defensive end and yet there are teams looking at you as an outside linebacker as well?

IAF: There are three or four teams talking to me about that, and at first it was kind of shocking actually. I was thinking "wow, me an outside linebacker?" I just came in and tried to show how fast I could be. If they want me at that position, I'd try my best at it and we could see where it went from there.

ET: The jump to the NFL alone is a big one, does the fact that you might have to make that leap and change positions worry you at all?

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IAF: No. Football is football. Little things here and there will change when I'm up in a two-point stance, but it's all the same thing. It's all the same read, so I'm not worried about it at all.  I'm just anxious for that challenge to get out there and perform and see what I can do.

ET: One of your first visits is with the Colts, what are your thoughts about possibly playing for a team that just won a Super Bowl and for a coach like Tony Dungy?

IAF: That's very exciting. I was watching the game and I was very happy for them. They're a good team and it was exciting to see Peyton Manning getting his first Super Bowl and just thinking about how I could be there next year. It's the type of deal where they're a great team. I had a chance at the Combine to listen to the owner, so it was just a great experience for me. If they pick me up that would be fantastic.

ET: Does it bother you at all that you might have to spend that first year behind a guy like Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis?

IA: No I feel that I could learn a lot. It would only make me better because they are Pro Bowl defensive linemen and it doesn't get any better than that. It's a great opportunity to learn and hopefully I could be in their spot one day.

ET: What else should the fans know about you as a person?

IA: I'm a great person and to make sure they don't hesitate if they have any questions to ask me. I'm a very open person. I really love the fans because it is for them, the kids and everybody. I just try to be the best role model for these kids because they are the future. It's all about them.

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