April 8th NFL Draft Audio

Listen to what Florida strong safety Reggie Nelson, Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb, Clemson linebacker Anthony Waters, and Alabama running back Kenneth Darby have to say about themselves and the NFL. Check out these audio clip features and their player profile pages.

Name:  Reggie Nelson              
College:  Florida
Height:  5'11   (5113)   Weight:  198
Position:  S

"The pro game, it'll be bigger, faster receivers ... I just think I have to adapt to the speed like I did at Division I."

(3:16)      Player Profile
Name:  Kevin Kolb              
College:  Houston
Height:  6'3   (6031)   Weight:  218
Position:  QB

"When I get out of the pocket, I can make some plays ... and a lot of times in the NFL, some quarterbacks can't do that. So maybe that's another attribute I can bring to the table."

  (5:49)     Player Profile
Name:  Anthony Waters               
College:  Clemson
Height:  6'3  (6025)    Weight:  245
Position:  MLB          

"I like to try to play the way that Ray Lewis, Shawne Merriman, and some of those guys play, with the intensity that they bring to the games."

(4:32)      Player Profile
Name:  Kenneth Darby               
College:  Alabama
Height:  5'10  (5103)    Weight:  211
Position:  RB

"I'm a down-to-earth guy who likes to have fun, has a sense of humor ... also who works hard to get the job done and get better, and to help his teammates get better."

  (3:06)       Player Profile

All recordings are edited highlights from audio collected by Scout.com onsite at the 2007 NFL Scouting Combine.

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