7 Points With DE Tim Crowder

Texas DE Tim Crowder, one of the top defensive ends in this draft and a certain first day pick, talked to Scout.com's Ed Thompson about forcing fumbles, getting in the opponent's backfield, his top accomplishments and more in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: What accomplishments from your football career are you most proud of?

TC: Most definitely anytime you win a National Championship. My last year at Texas I hit some personal goals. I was one of the first players in a long time to get over ten sacks in a season, so that was the real deal. That was always one of my goals.

ET: Would you consider yourself more of a quiet leader?

TC: I think that's correct. I've always thought the best way to lead is by example. That's the only way the points get across.

ET: Were you pleased with your Combine results? And what was the most fun part of the experience for you?

TC: I was very pleased with it. I went in very confident, which was from the Senior Bowl, cause I had the mindset that they already saw me play football so what else can they see from me. I wasn't nervous I was ready. Performing was definitely the most fun part. The last day running forties and seeing what guys have to offer--you hear so much about different guys--you're excited to see just how good they are. And they were great.

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ET: What was it like going up against Levi Brown from Penn State in the Senior Bowl?

TC: I think it was a great battle. That guy is a great player, he's the best player I played this year. He really makes you think, and it was like a guessing game dealing with him. He makes you better out there because you definitely have to work with your technique and all that you have.

ET: If you were trying to give some tips to a younger player about how you spend so much time in an opponent's backfield, what would you tell him?

TC: I'd tell them just to play your game and have fun. Don't get too above yourself and don't get below yourself, because those guys you're playing against are on scholarships just like you are. You're not going to win every battle, so just have the mindset that you're going to win most of the battles. Work hard through the game and try to progress and get better every game.

ET: Your senior year you forced four fumbles, what makes you so effective in knocking the ball loose?

TC: I have a great defensive line coach, Oscar Giles. He'd always tell us "don't be satisfied if you get to the quarterback or a running back, get that ball on the ground and get the offense back on the field."  He preached that to us, and I always had the attitude where if I get there, I'm thinking "get that ball out and get the sack."

ET: If you were lined up in front of all the NFL coaches, what would you want to make sure they new about you?

TC: I'm a hard worker. I'm going to do whatever it takes to be great.

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