Best Available Free Agents-Defense

With just over two weeks left before the 2007 NFL draft, here's a look at the best available free agents from the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive End
Dwight Freeney/UFA (exclusive franchise player)
Justin Smith/UFA (franchise player)
Charles Grant/UFA (franchise player) - He did visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but the only way he leaves this year is via a trade.
Jared Allen/RFA - He asked to be traded but that's unlikely to happen. Their pass rush isn't very good to begin with and they can't afford to deal Allen.
Grant Wistrom/UFA - He said he's planning on retiring although there should be teams that would be interested in him as a third end.
Bobby McCray/RFA - He's coming off of a very good season and should attract interest next year as a UFA.
Courtney Brown/UFA - This could be it for the oft-injured end.
Al Wallace/UFA
Josh Thomas/RFA
Darrion Scott/RFA
Spencer Johnson/RFA
Nick Eason/UFA
Marcellus Wiley/UFA
Tony Bryant/UFA
Adrian Dingle/UFA
Carl Powell/UFA
Mark Word/UFA
Brandon Green/UFA
Kemp Rasmussen/UFA - He did have a few visits recently.

Defensive Tackle
Cory Redding/UFA (franchise player)
Ian Scott/UFA - It looks like his choices are coming down to signing with Minnesota or Atlanta.
James Reed/UFA - He should be able to get a job as a fourth tackle.
Randy Starks/RFA
Lional Dalton/UFA - He should be able to get a job as a fourth tackle.
Lance Legree/UFA - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released him just a few days after signing him. What will help him find a job elsewhere is because he can play in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme.
Seth Payne/UFA
Michael Myers/UFA
Tim Anderson/RFA
Monsanto Pope/UFA
Tyoka Jackson/UFA
Jerry Deloach/UFA
Johnathan Sullivan/UFA - The former draft bust could be out of chances to land with a team.
Ed Jasper/UFA
Gary Walker/UFA
Shane Burton/UFA
Junior Siavii/UFA
Matthias Askew/UFA
Travis Hall/UFA
Willie Blade/UFA
Ethan Kelley/RFA
Junior Glymph/RFA
Rashad Moore/RFA
Kenderick Allen/UFA - The Detroit Lions have discussed a contract with his agent.
Cedric Killings/UFA
Tony Williams/UFA
Antwan Lake/UFA
Jason Fisk/UFA

Inside/Middle Linebacker
Al Wilson/UFA - He was released Friday but as long as he can pass another team's physical, he'll be able to find a starting job.
Ed Hartwell/UFA - After not missing a game in the first four years of his career, Hartwell has missed 19 games in his last two seasons.
Peter Sirmon/UFA - Surprisingly he hasn't received much attention in free agency although the Arizona Cardinals have offered him a one-year deal probably to be a backup but he turned it down.
Randall Godfrey/UFA - He may play one more season but likely not for the San Diego Chargers.
Jay Foreman/UFA
Sam Cowart/UFA
Earl Holmes/UFA
Junior Seau/UFA - He hasn't said whether or not he wants to play again.
Wali Rainer/UFA
Rocky Calmus/UFA
Ronald McKinnon/UFA
Zeke Moreno/UFA
Caleb Miller/RFA
Rod Davis/RFA
Niko Koutouvides/RFA
Tim Johnson/UFA
Keith Burns/UFA
Dashon Polk/UFA
Barry Gardner/UFA
Kenyatta Wright/UFA
Mason Unck/RFA
Frank Chamberlin/UFA

Outside Linebacker
Lance Briggs/UFA (franchise player)
Demorrio Williams/RFA
Tommy Polley/UFA
Chris Claiborne/UFA
LaVar Arrington/UFA - He's coming off of a serious injury and isn't a lock to play this season.
Landon Johnson/RFA
Keith Adams/UFA
Brandon Short/UFA - He's coming off of a decent season and he should be able to find a backup job. It helps that he can play WLB or SLB.
Keith Newman/UFA
Al Singleton/UFA
Rocky Boiman/UFA
Reggie Torbor/RFA
Brandon Chillar/RFA
Barrett Green/UFA
Carlos Emmons/UFA - He's almost at the end of his career.
James Darling/UFA
DeLawrence Grant/UFA
Trev Faulk/UFA
Alonzo Jackson/UFA
Marcus Reese/UFA
Saleem Rasheed/UFA
Orlando Huff/UFA
Joe Odom/UFA
Ben Taylor/UFA
Donnie Spragan/UFA
James Allen/UFA
Grant Irons/UFA
Isaiah Kacyvenski/UFA
Raonall Smith/UFA
Dexter Coakley/UFA - He should be able to find a backup job by the start of training camps.
T.J. Slaughter/UFA
D.D. Lewis/UFA
Wesly Mallard/UFA
Shantee Orr/RFA
Charlie Anderson/RFA
Jeff Posey/UFA
Warrick Holdman/UFA
Steve Foley/UFA
Ike Reese/UFA
Jorge Cordova/RFA
Rich Scanlon/RFA

Gibril Wilson/RFA
Shaun Williams/UFA
Jordan Babineaux/RFA
Robert Griffith/UFA
Troy Vincent/UFA - It appears he still wants to play.
Tony Parrish/UFA - He had a few visits recently.
Lance Schulters/UFA
Derrick Gibson/UFA
Glenn Earl/RFA
Yeremiah Bell/RFA
John Howell/UFA
Anthony Mitchell/UFA
Marcus Coleman/UFA
Jerome Woods/UFA
Joseph Jefferson/UFA
Reggie Tongue/UFA
Willie Offord/UFA
Ernest Shazor/UFA
Keion Carpenter/UFA
Ronnie Heard/UFA
Earl Little/UFA
Jerry Wilson/UFA
Ifeanyi Ohalete/UFA
Bracy Walker/UFA
Antuan Edwards/UFA
Colin Branch/UFA
Mike Logan/UFA
Andre Lott/UFA
Chad Williams/UFA
Tebucky Jones/UFA
Matt Bowen/UFA
Dwaine Carpenter/RFA
Oliver Celestin/UFA
Guss Scott/UFA
Jack Brewer/UFA

Asante Samuel/UFA (franchise player)
Tory James/UFA - He wants a starting job but teams only want to pay him backup money.
Jason David/RFA
Tyrone Poole/UFA
Daylon McCutcheon/UFA
Kevin Mathis/UFA
Denard Walker/UFA
Will Poole/UFA
Randall Gay/RFA
Keith Smith/RFA
Chris Cash/UFA
Rashad Bauman/UFA
Reggie Howard/UFA
Ray Mickens/UFA
Willie Williams/UFA
Terry Fair/UFA
Ray Walls/UFA
Willie Middlebrooks (S)/UFA
Dewayne Washington/UFA
Jimmy Williams/UFA
Pete Hunter/UFA
Jacques Reeves/RFA
Blue Adams/RFA
Robert Tate/UFA

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