Pro-Day Update: Ted Ginn Jr runs for scouts

Scouts descended upon Columbus, Ohio to watch Ted Ginn Jr. finally take to the track and workout. UPDATED @8:15 PM


Most scouts did not come away impressed with Ginn's workout today. In fact many thought the workout never should've taken place given his physical condition.

Ginn is still suffering the lingering effects from the foot injury he suffered in the national championship game after an end zone celebration.

While the injury only slightly hampered his ability to run in a straight line it was a prohibitive factor when Ginn tried to run routes or turn into breaks. As we said in our initial report, Ginn consistently fell down in the shortened pass catching workout.

Scouts were not only disappointed with Ginn's forty time but they are also concerned when he will be ready to play. Nothing they saw today led them to believe the speedy wide out will be 100% any time soon.

Sources on the scene told us that will adversely affect his draft status more than anything else leading up to April 28th.


According to sources Ginn ran the forty on three separate occasions.  His times were in the 4.38-to-4.42 range on all three runs.

Ginn then started his pass catching workout and fell on five of the six routes he ran.  The workout was then stopped.

We will update this periodically as we get more information.

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