NFL Draft Q&A With LB Tim Shaw

After a terrific Combine and Pro Day performance, Penn State linebacker Tim Shaw completed this interview with's Ed Thompson prior to heading out for his first official NFL visit this week. Get the details inside...

Ed Thompson: Tell us about your experience at the Combine…

TS: I think it went well for me. I saw it as such a big opportunity to get some attention, get known a little bit and really make some noise for myself and I think I did that. It went well numbers-wise and was kind of what people were looking for.

ET: At your Pro Day, you bested your 40-yard dash time from the Combine that really got everyone's attention in Indianapolis...

TS: Yeah, I ran a little faster.  But I'm even disappointed with that. I can do even better.

ET: You also improved on your 20-yard and 10-yard dashes, you improved on your broad jump and even your three cone drill. I know you have high standards, but that's impressive…

TS: It was a point for me because it was a better situation at the Pro Day. At the Combine I really wanted to do well just to get the initial attention, but then you have the opportunity to do even better and I just wanted to make sure I did that.

ET: Did you get to have some formal interviews with head coaches at the Combine?

TS: I had one formal interview with the Jaguars. Other than that, I spoke with most of the other linebacker coaches from all of the teams; I'd say twenty-five or so.

ET: Tell us a little bit about your interview with the Jaguars…

TS: The whole coaching staff was there and it was kind of interesting. It wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be. You sit there and they all sit around you and just fire a couple questions at you. But they didn't come at me with anything pressing or strong. Then we actually got to talk football which was great. They asked me to draw some base formations on the board and draw some defenses and explain my role and responsibilities in those and I thought it went really well.

Tim Shaw grabs Wisconsin's Brian Calhoun in 2005 action (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

ET: Where are teams seeing you fitting in at the pro level?

TS: It's interesting because different teams see me at different spots. The 3-4 teams see me as an outside guy and some 4-3 teams see me at any spot. It's been really interesting for me, I didn't know what spot they'd see me at, and I guess I was right to think that, because they see me at different spots too.

ET: Did you have a good turnout during your position drills at your Pro Day?

TS: Yeah, there were lots of linebacker coaches there to see Paul (Posluszny) and I. We did drills for about a half hour and I think it went really well.  I felt comfortable and I showed the type of movement and ability that I have.

ET: I know the Giants were there watching you, who else was there?

TS: The Ravens, the Dolphins, the Rams, and the Chiefs. There were a lot more, I just can't think of them right now.

ET: What team visits do you have lined up so far?

TS: I have one visit lined up so far with the Falcons on the 10th.  I had a workout with the Jets linebacker coach a couple days before our Pro Day.

ET: And yet the Falcons weren't someone you had a formal interview with at the Combine…

TS: No they weren't, but I did speak with their linebackers coach a couple times. It's hard to get a judge of whether these guys really like you or not, but you try to get feeling for how well they know you and maybe how much tape they've watched on you.

ET: What have you been doing with your time now that your Pro Day is over?

TS: I've taken the past few days off and just relaxed and taken it easy. But I'm going to get back into football stuff and actually doing real linebacker stuff.

ET: What have you been doing to treat yourself during these last few days while relaxing?

TS: I made some cakes, stuff like that, just let loose a little bit. One of my younger brothers came up for the Pro Day and the weekend so we just got to spend some time together.

ET: Are you glad all of the workouts are over?

TS: Oh, so glad. It's such a relief. I just want to focus on football again, doing football drills and getting the football mindset back instead of these other drills that scouts think are important. I just really want to get back to football.

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